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Psychedelic Guitars by Beast Samples Review

Psychedelic Guitars VST by BeastSamples is a guitar plugin provides musicians with original and imaginative sounds. It differs from other guitar libraries in that it does not attempt to simulate genuine guitar playing. Instead, it is a selection of intricate and distinctive compositions that fully utilize the guitar’s capabilities as an instrument. The plugin’s user-friendly interface frees your attention so you can concentrate on creating music. Keyboard, Chord, and Phrase are the three sound types you can select from. Each mode has unique qualities and potentials.

Four keyboard octaves of tones, experimental noises, and distortions make up keyboard mode (C1-C5). This mode can be used to produce moody pads, catchy leads, or harsh riffs. The first octave of your keyboard is taken up by chords, single notes, and effects in chord mode (C1-B1). This setting can be used to give your music more movement, texture, or harmony. Any sound from the Keyboard or Phrase modes can also be combined with this mode.

The phrases in phrase mode include various melodies and grooves that alter with each octave. The sentences are cleverly recorded to allow for countless and unexpected combinations. This mode can be used to provide your song rhythm, variety, or inspiration. The plugin also provides a straightforward threshold mechanism for controlling the articulations. For complicated textures, you can stack many articulations and switch between them with ease. Moreover, three processing chains are available: Pure (a combination of the room’s seven microphones), Amp (a distorted and saturated sound), and Tape (a vintage and warm sound).

Psychedelic Guitars VST by BeastSamples can be what you need if you’re seeking for a guitar plugin that provides you with original and imaginative sounds for your music creation. It is an experimental and expressive guitar library rather than a realistic one. You will be able to utilize the guitar to its fullest extent.