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Proclethya Synth Bundle by Dymai Sound Review 2024

Software synthesizer Proclethya by Dymai Sound has analog-style features. It was created with consideration for three key analog principles. DISTORTION, NOISE, and DRIFT. The synth’s flavor and ease of use were priorities during development. Around the filter, it has a drive and saturation that provides the sound warmth and fullness. Although there are no restrictions when it comes to music and creativity, it is intended for the production of club music like house, melodic techno, trance, and progressive.

The synth’s sound is far but plain; instead, it has quite a bit of personality thanks to its sound shaping options. For distinctive tones, the two primary oscillators have doubling mode and FM shaping. Unison is used by both oscillators to broaden and thicken the sound. The signal can be blended in two different ways: crossfading between the two primary oscillators or using the standard mix mode, which gives each sound generator autonomous control. Phaser, chorus, reverb, and delay are just a few of the four effects that are built-in to further accentuate and improve the sound.

35 new patches from the Plastika Soundbank for Proclethya 1.0.9 expand the synth’s capabilities. Here, you’ll find straightforward patches that can be used right away in a track. A soundbank with 50 presets called Wavestorm for Proclethya has sounds that pack a punch. It contains sounds that can be used in a wide range of creations, but it excels in both underground and mainstream electronic music. The Technoport Soundbank for Proclethya is a collection of more than 60 brand-new patches that are geared at the techno and melodic techno subgenres. The sounds are full of personality and ominous melancholy. ideal for a dim dance floor.

The filters have a great sound. Analog low pass filters come in 4 flavors, each having a variety of sculpting possibilities and a good dose of non-linearity. Internally, there is some feedback, but it cannot be altered. Despite not being particularly fancy, oscillators sound decent when they have independent drift. Stunning audio with a 4x oversampling. Playing with full polyphony is a blast.