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Best Pocket Guitars 2024

A pocket guitar is a small, down-scaled version of an acoustic–electric guitar designed for those on the go who wish to keep their guitar playing skills sharp. Despite their diminutive size, pocket guitars should not be mistaken with travel guitars, which are smaller, more compact versions of acoustic guitars that still look and sound like the genuine thing (unlike pocket guitars, which are substantially smaller in shape and size).

The design of pocket guitars is what distinguishes them from other instruments: most models have a retractable fingerboard, making them easy to confuse for other (totally unrelated) items when folded. Some models have a full set of six strings, which provide the most realistic practise experience, but others just have two or three strings, making it difficult to get your chord play game up to speed.

Yamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar with Hard Gig Bag

Yamaha SLG200S NT Steel String Silent Guitar with...
  • Steel Strings, Natural Finish
  • The SLG is the perfect instrument for practice, travel or stage use – any...
  • Near-silent performance makes discrete practice simple. Fingerboard Width...

The Yamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar is not only ideal for travellers, but it may also be used by home musicians looking for a low-cost, lightweight, portable, and fully functional acoustic-electric guitar. When the guitar is linked to an amplifier or a laptop, the steel strings and mahogany construction generate a deep, dense tone. You can, however, select the near-silent option and play the instrument as is.

It also has a fully collapsible body with Yamaha’s SRT full-body resonance technology. As a result, you get the sound of a traditional dreadnought without the unwieldy size or shape. However, there are several drawbacks to this guitar. When playing a different combination of notes, it occasionally creates a tiny popping sound. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to tune it more frequently than other guitars.

The Yamaha slg200s silent guitar is an excellent choice for travellers, studio musicians, and beginners with limited storage space. What sets it apart from the competition is its totally collapsible, electric-acoustic body. This is the Best Pocket Guitar in 2023.

Ohuhu Pocket Guitar Practice Neck 6-Fret with Carrying Bag

Ohuhu is a retailer of art and music supplies, specialising in coloured markers, paints, guitar stands, and starter keyboards. They mostly sell on Amazon and their own website. Their products are reasonably priced and appear to be of reasonable quality.

The greatest pocket guitar is the Ohuhu Wooden Guitar having a rosewood fingerboard. The fret spread on this pocket guitar is 6 frets. This is the ideal amount of area for learning dexterity patterns, scales, and chords on the guitar. Standard guitar strings are included with the Ohuhu 6 fret pocket guitar, albeit the string gauge is not specified. If you prefer a heavier or lighter string gauge, you should be able to quickly swap the strings. A hex wrench can be used to alter the string tension on the Ohuhu via a bolt on the bottom end of the rosewood fretboard.

The Ohuhu is 17.5 inches wide when fully open and roughly 10 inches wide when closed. This is a great size for travelling, and the fretboard can easily be stowed in your backpack. The Ohuhu is housed in a high-quality plastic shell and comes with a soft carrying case. The Ohuhu is around a third of a pound in weight, which is insignificant in comparison to the potential benefit to your guitar playing, and is far lighter than a regular full-size guitar.

Overall, the Ohuhu Portable Wooden Fretboard for Guitar is an excellent practise instrument and our Best Overall Pocket Guitar. The Ohuhu might be a terrific portable guitar practise tool on the bus or in the vehicle on your way to work or school if you are a beginning or intermediate guitarist searching for more ways to improve your guitar playing. I wouldn’t waste your time on this if you’re a professional. This is the Best Pocket Guitars in 2023.

WoGod Portable Pocket Guitar

Portable Pocket Guitar Trainer Finger Trainer...
  • ♫ [PORTABLE POCKET GUITAR ] : Made of high strength plastic shell,...
  • ♫ [MINI SIZE EXTREMELY PORTABLE] : You can practice to improve your...

One of the coolest portable pocket guitars out there is the WoGod. This is the one to go to if you want to practise and improve your guitar skills.

WoGod is a god who assists you in finger exercises. It aids in the acquisition of speed as well as finger coordination. If you’ve recently learned to play the guitar, you’ve probably discovered that memorising chords and shifting from one chord to another is incredibly difficult. Especially if you taught yourself to play the guitar.

You don’t need to carry around your huge, pricey guitar if you’re committed to learning and mastering the guitar. Portable or travel guitars are not the same as pocket guitars, yet they serve the similar purpose. So, if you’re stuck on the metro or the bus and can’t stop thinking about going home and practising your guitar, this is the solution.

Although the WoGod has strings that look like those on an electric guitar, they are so thin that they create very little sound. This pocket guitar is extremely portable. It’s made of heavy-duty plastic, which makes it easy to transport. It’s also very inexpensive. You won’t have any trouble switching from this to that since the strings give you the sense of a real electric guitar.

The WoGod features four frets, making it ideal as a pocket guitar practice tool. The guitar chord practice tool does not come with instructions on how to operate the guitar effectively. There is a case included! It maintains the condition of the pocket guitar and ensures that it continues to function for a long time.

Moreup Digital Guitar Chords Trainer

Moreup Digital Guitar Chords Trainer, Portable 6...
  • ♫ What is a Moreup pocket guitar? - A Moreup pocket guitar is for chords...
  • ♫ Digital Guitar Chords Trainer - Designed with a rotateable display...
  • ♫ 6 Frets & Genuine Guitar String - 6 Frets allow you to practice more...

Moreup is a maker of music practice equipment aimed particularly towards younger, inexperienced artists. Among other things, they make a computerized drum pad kit, a super cool LED light-up ukulele, and a guitar humidifier. Moreup, like the other brands mentioned thus far, sells primarily through Amazon and other online marketplaces and does not have its own website.

The Moreup Digital Guitar Chords Trainer is a portable guitar chord tool with six frets. The Moreup is intended to be used for practicing guitar chords. The chords are shown in a typical chord box diagram, however no finger numbers appear to be indicated. To improve your time feel, loop the chords and play them with a metronome.

The Moreup is 18.9 inches wide when completely extended and 9.8 inches wide when closed. The Moreup is very lightweight, weighing only 0.43 lbs., making it easy to transport. The Moreup even comes with a cotton carry case to protect the screen.

An original and creative instrument with incredible features for beginners and learners, especially when they’re on the go. This device is created by a Moreup brand manufacturer and comes with 6 strings and 6 frets, making it very easy for users to practise various chords. It has a small size and is filled with roughly 2000 chords that can be displayed on the chart screen to help players improve their guitar skills.

This item is highly sought after due to its genuine steel string, which is similar to that of a real guitar but is coated to avoid rusting and damage. The string may also be tuned to whatever the player desires, and its low sound makes it ideal for practising anyplace without bothering others, such as on a public bus, in a school, at home, or in music classes.

Overall, the Moreup Digital Guitar Chord Trainer is a great portable chord trainer with a lot of high-end features to help you improve your skills. It has six frets, six strings, an LED display with chord diagrams, and a metronome for keeping time. The Moreup, on the other hand, is around 50% more expensive than the Jesdoo for no obvious reason.

Yuevan Pocket Guitar Practice Neck

YUEVAN includes an amazing and very effective type of pocket guitar that is loaded with exciting features and functionality to help and aid beginners become professional guitarists while having the convenience of carrying the device anywhere at any time to develop fingering memory on a real 6 strings and 6 frets. This product and model is an improved version of the previous one, with the ability to emit and produce thrilling low sound perfect for practise while avoiding disturbing others.

It has actual strings that make you feel like you’re playing a real guitar chord, a sliding to unlock classical design that protects the string, and is made of superior ABS casing. It’s made of lovely wood that’s both strong and lightweight, and it’s small enough to fit into a pouch. This pocket guitar is around 11.4 by 3.2 by 1.5 inches and weighs approximately 6 ounces for easy transport and stress-free log period playing. This item comes with a protective pouch and a 3-month warranty with every order.

The Yuevan Pocket Guitar is similar to any of the other goods on this list in terms of overall quality. The Yuevan Pocket Guitar has a standard number of frets, six real steel strings, and a high-quality plastic body. The Yuevan is a few dollars higher for whatever reason, so if you’re on a budget, the Ohuhu or Moguer variants are the best options.

Shredneck Practice Neck

Shredneck Practice Neck - Black - Supreme Model...
  • Practice and Warm-up Anytime, Anywhere
  • Replicates Frets 12-24 on an electric guitar with a large picking route
  • Real wood and Real Frets

The Shredneck Practice Guitar Neck is a 12-fret pocket guitar that is designed to look like a standard guitar’s 12th to 24th frets. Shredneck produces a variety of pocket guitar finger trainers, including signature series models from musicians like Zakk Wylde, Jason Becker, and Billy Sheehan. They also produce a pocket guitar finger exerciser that looks amazing and is made to simulate a nylon string acoustic guitar.

The Shredneck Practice Guitar Neck is designed for guitar learners who want to emulate the look of a shredder musician. This finger exerciser guitar has a rosewood dot fingerboard with chrome hardware and is made of real wood and actual frets. These realistic components can help you improve your guitar talents.

The Shredneck is the closest thing on this list to the Sutila small guitar. The Shredneck is not foldable like the other goods, and it does not come with a case or anything. It measures 16.75 inches long and weighs little over a pound. The Shredneck’s headstock is a little obnoxious and protrudes quite a bit, which may irritate certain players. The Shredneck also has built-in strap pins, so you can practise whenever you want.

Overall, the Shredneck is a small musical instrument that is wonderful for developing muscle memory. This pocket guitar is designed for practising shredding above the 12th fret, and it even has 12 frets, which is six more than the majority of the other goods on this list. Perhaps the exorbitant price tag will be justified if you are fascinated in the shredding aesthetic.

Jesdoo Pocket Guitar Chord Trainer

Metal detectors, grilling and culinary gadgets, and other seemingly strange, disjointed, and fleeting things are among Jesdoo’s offerings. They don’t appear to have a dedicated website and appear to sell primarily on Amazon and other comparable online marketplaces. The Best Chord Trainer on our list is the Jesdoo Pocket Chord Trainer.

Metal strings and a 6-fret span characterise the Jesdoo Pocket Chord Trainer. The strings of the Jesdoo, like the other models, can be altered with a hex wrench on the bottom side of the trainer. A revolving LED panel on the Jesdoo displays typical chord shapes. The Jesdoo may be configured to display chord progressions and loops so that you can practise several chord forms at the same time, which will help you develop muscle memory and speed up your development.

The Jesdoo also has a built-in metronome, so you can practise these chord loops while keeping a steady beat! The Jesdoo is slightly larger than the previous two models because to the built-in LED screen, measuring around 19′′ when completely extended and 11.2′′ when closed. When the fretboard is covered, the screen does not fold and remains exposed, so be careful not to harm it. Fortunately, the Jesdoo comes with a convenient pouch for secure transportation.

Overall, the Jesdoo Pocket Chord Trainer Guitar is the greatest pocket guitar for chord practise. The combination of basic features like 6 frets and actual strings, as well as a revolving LED screen and the ability to create and practise with various chord progressions, is a huge plus for novice guitarists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pocket guitars worth it?

If you’re a novice looking for a portable practice tool, pocket guitars are a good option. If you’re a pro, you’ve undoubtedly developed a strong routine for playing the guitar and don’t need a portable pocket guitar to practice.

What is a finger exerciser?

This is a finger workout in the literal sense. If you want to increase your finger dexterity, the pocket guitar is ideal. If you’re a novice, start by practising different notes on one fret and work your way up the fretboard. Moving up the fretboard does not imply that the difficulty level of playing has increased. It simply means that you can now begin to learn how to change frets without twisting your fingers.