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Plugins That Knock’s Knock Review 2023

If you’ve been making beats, you know who Decap is. Decap’s Drums That Knock series is some of the most popular drum samples in music today. New developer Plugins That Knock founded by well-known hip hop producer DECAP, who gained notoriety with the Drums That Knock percussion sample line. The initial plug-in created by the firm, also called Knock, is intended to make your drums knock.

This drum plugin draws inspiration from the distinctive sound of his well-known drum kit line, Drums That Knock, which has influenced the sonics of contemporary music. Additionally, knock includes a chain of five distinct processing modules, each with its own visualizer and a single control knob, to enable you create the perfect knocking drum sounds.

This kick drum plugin is very lightweight. It works without a problem on several tracks. It is also compatible with individuals who are utilizing apple computers with the newest m1 and higher chips for production. Every tool decap utilized to produce the distinctive sound heard in drums that knock is included in this plugin. Every feature has been meticulously adjusted to meet decap’s production requirements. Additionally, decap-designed factory presets for knock are included.


The first step is punch, a transient shaper that increases your drum’s attack, giving them a snappier, punchier sound. Punch can be added to make your drum beats more dynamic. Outstanding for drum loops or single shots.


The following effect is Saturate, which simultaneously adds harmonic distortion and corrects for any variations in perceived loudness of your drum sounds. There are three settings available in this module: gentle, medium, and hard. This makes it perfect for drum loops, one shots, or 808s.


Particularly intriguing is the middle module. Sub recognizes the existence of a kick drum in the raw material and creates a layered sub frequency tone to strengthen it and give the kick a powerful low end presence. You can alter the pitch to match the sub tone to your music. This will be a quick and simple technique to add tuned, booming sub frequencies to any drum track if the detection algorithm performs properly.


Next is Air, which gives your drum sounds a smooth top end without adding any harshness. You have two modes to choose from here, vintage and clean.


Finally, Clip is an adjustable hard or soft clipper. Clip gives your drums an aggressive and warm tone that is reminiscent of old analog gear being driven into the red. Clip can be used to give your drums a warm, aggressive tone reminiscent of driving vintage analog gear into the red. This means to push them hard without clipping. For a more forceful tone, use a stronger clip curve. For a more rounded tone, choose a softer clip curve.


Plugins That Knock’s Knock is something you must try. It adds fast flavor to your drums without the need for any technical skills. Knock is designed to be incredibly simple to use by both professionals and novices to advance their drumming. No matter how experienced you are at producing, knock will fit right into your workflow.