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Best Mooer Pedals 2024

MOOER guitar pedals made a splash in the music industry in 2010 with the first micro-sized guitar effects pedals. An original concept created by four friends living in Shenzhen, who are all passionate about the intersection of music and technology. MOOER is now an industry leader, offering high-tech, professional-sounding products to musicians all over the world.

Year after year, MOOER’s technology skills expand, allowing it to bring highly imaginative and original micro pedals to market. MOOER’s first artist cooperation began in 2016 with the production of complicated digital devices like the Devin Townsend OCEAN MACHINE, the MICRO PREAMP series, the GE200 multi-effects unit, and the RADAR IR Loader by Devin Townsend. In 2018, the build quality trend continued with the critically praised PREAMP LIVE preamp modeller and amplification tools, as well as the introduction of new TRUCK series combination pedalboard solutions.

MOOER pedal continues to offer the latest in high-quality audio devices with an emphasis on new technology and ergonomic designs at an affordable price as the music industry evolves and technology plays a larger role.

Mooer Black Secret distortion micro pedal

Mooer Black Secret, distortion micro pedal
  • 2 working modes: vintage/turbo
  • Vintage: a warm, smooth, vintage distortion sound
  • Turbo: more than twice the maximum output of the vintage Mode, more...

Mooer’s Black Secret is a riff on the ProCo Rat, one of the most iconic distortion pedals of all time. The Rat2 and TurboRat are descendants of the original Rat. The Mooer version outperforms the originals. It has two settings controlled by a flip switch, giving you two pedals in one: the Vintage mode provides the original gnashy crisp Rat tone, while the Turbo mode adds the added gain and character of the TurboRat. You don’t have to choose between the original’s trademark gnasy gritty cutting tone and the Turbo version’s enhanced weight. Get both for half the price in one pedal! A fantastic pedal at a fantastic price. This is the Best Mooer Pedal in 2023.

MOOER E-lady Analog Flanger Pedal

Mooer Eleclady, classic analog flanger
  • Classic analog flanger sound with filter mode and oscillator effects
  • Two working modes: Normal and Filter - Normal provides a light sweep...
  • Full metal shell

The Mooer E-Lady (formerly known as the Elec Lady, but changed for copyright reasons and is EXACTLY the same) is a classic analog flanger similar to the EHX Electric Mistress. On his psychedelic-fueled travels, it gives you the 60s Jimi Hendrix flange sound. Flangers and overdrive combine to create a whirling solo sound that cuts through any mix. In Shoegaze and Post Rock, for example, the delay pedals can be utilized to deepen chord playing. You can choose between two flanging modes: Normal and Filter. Filter is a fixed flange effect equivalent to a small phase, whereas Normal is the usual flanging effect. For a sound demonstration, see the video. By turning the knobs all the way to the right, you can even obtain some wacky oscillating space ship effects. Boost your pedalboard’s versatility with this delectable flexible flanger pedal. This is the Best Mooer Pedals in 2023.

Mooer Green Mile Overdrive

Mooer Green Mile, overdrive micro pedal,Sea Foam...
  • Low-profile drive pedal with two working modes: warm and hot
  • Warm: reconstruct a warm tube drive tone and nice dynamic response of...
  • Hot: more powerful output than warm mode, mighty crunch tone

The Mooer Green Mile is an improved clone of the Ibanez Tube Screamer, including an additional gain stage to increase the amp’s heat output. Your guitar will sound muddy and mid-rangey if you use Tube Screamers. This distortion pedal is a more responsive, cleaner TS that runs a little hotter. Without exaggeration, this is superior to the original. The ancient pedals have been figured out and enhanced, which is a secret of the pedal game. Too many people waste too much time and money, and no pedals made 50 years ago can compete with someone with talents and access to the internet. Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.

Mooer LoFi Machine

MOOER Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal, 2.25 x 4.25 x...
  • Wide range sampling rate/depth reducing effects
  • 3 modes for using guitar, bass, synth or sound player
  • Full metal shell

The first distortion boxes were far ahead of their time, shocking established perceptions of what a guitar should sound like. Similarly, in today’s world, this is a ‘outside the box’ guitar pedal. It radically alters the tone of your guitar by resampling and compressing it. By any stretch of the imagination, this is not a purist’s pedal. It’s entirely up to you how far you want to go. It can be used musically or as a tone generator for sound effects. Extra levels of experimentation are provided via three modes.

Mooer Yellow Comp Optical Compressor

MOOER Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal, 2.25 x 4.25 x...
  • Classic optical compression
  • Preserves the original signal transients
  • Full metal shell

The Mooer Yellow Comp is based on the Diamond Compressor, which is a large yellow compressor. This pedal provides boutique-style optical compression at a fraction of the price! You are free to squish and click your guitar signal as much as you want. Use it to smooth out your rhythm playing, shape attack on clean guitar riffs, provide long tail sustain to your solos, or boost your signal. It’s transparent and low noise. The options are limitless. Nowadays, a compressor is a must-have pedal, and the Mooer Yellow Comp is one of the best. Mooer pedals are dependably outstanding, pushing the frontiers of sound, craftsmanship, and pricing. Take a look at the video to see what all the fuss is about!