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Low Control by Black Salt Audio Review

The search for low end is never-ending for mixing engineers. If you don’t have enough, your mix will sound amateurish and weak. If you consume too much, it will sound boomy and bloated. If you do it well, your mix will sound expansive and powerful. Because of this, there are a ton of various methods and plugins that exclusively work on a mix’s low frequencies. Low Control, a plugin from the up-and-coming Black Salt Audio, takes a somewhat different approach and is another plugin in this category.

The Low Control audio plugin performs the task for which it is named. When applied to a sound or mix, it regulates the low end. It offers two separate approaches for managing or enhancing the low end, with a number of settings for each. The plugin interface divides these choices into many sections. They are referred to as Control and Enhance. We will first examine the control section characteristics in our Black Salt Audio Low Control evaluation. You can rapidly adjust the low end to be rich, powerful, and professional across all speakers with the help of Low Control.

With the help of four separate control parameters, you may manage the low end in the control area. These variables interact with one another to produce a consistent low end. Crossover, threshold, gain decrease meter, and low gain are the settings. Let’s discuss these 4 parameters and their functions.

You may add low end rumbling or harmonics to a sound using the enhance section. If you want your low end to sound better in listening situations that don’t reproduce bass effectively, use the harmonics. Enhance can be used to discreetly add something additional to your overall mix or as a tool to solve a problem. There are two settings in the improve section. A Solo Low button lets you just hear the frequencies you’re working on, and there is also a stereo output meter with an output slider. The plugin’s upper corners have on/off controls that can be used to skip both the Control and Enhance sections.

Do the Black Salt Audio Low Control plugin‘s claims about performance hold up? Yes is the clear-cut response. In my line of work, I have noticed that I frequently use it to handle the low end during the mastering process. Try it out.