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Kantele by Xperimenta Project Review

The national instrument of Finland, the Kantele, is sampled in the collection Xperimenta Kantele. The musician Emma Lomy performed a concerto kantele and two folk kanteles, which were recorded in Helsinki. The Kanteles were recorded utilizing only the best equipment, including DPA, Neumann, and Gefell mics, Grace Design preamps, etc., in the Sibelius Academy Studios’ stunning 110 mq recording studio in Helsinki.

Finland’s national instrument, the kantele, is a member of the wide family of string instruments known as “zithers.” The strings on zithers can be plucked, strummed, struck, or bowed. Zithers have a resonating body. The kantele is a stringed instrument that is played by plucking or strumming the strings. The smallest kanteles can be held on the player’s lap. There are kanteles with five strings, ten strings, eleven strings, and even a concert kantele with 36 strings.
Three kanteles are included in our Xperimenta Kantele: a lovely 36-string Concerto Kantele, a Folk Round-Ended Kantele, and a Folk Small 5-string Kantele.

The Kantele library is a component of the BOOK Series, a brand-new assemblage of musical instruments with distinctive textures and flavors from around the globe. The BOOK Series has a clever user interface built for excellent sound control. Additionally, the engine has 18 Creative Layers constructed with organic components and analog synthesizers, as well as 20 Space IR.

The Sibelius Academy, Finland’s primary conservatory, is where the kantele was recorded. The Kantele and other exquisite traditional instruments are still studied in the Folk Department. DPA, Neumann, and Gefell mics, Grace Design preamps, and RME converters were all used in the recording, which was done in a 105 mq recording space.