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JBL Earbuds Not Charging?

Many customers have the issue when one of their JBL earphones stops charging after some time. With any model of JBL wireless earphones, this may occur. Cleaning the charging pin connections, ensuring sure the charging pins retract correctly, and turning your earphones on/off to get them to re-pair with your mobile are all solutions for JBL headphones/earbuds not charging.

How do I know if my JBL earbuds are charging?

If the blue LED indication lights on both headphones are on and remain that color, your JBL earbuds are charging. One of those lights going out might indicate a problem with communication between the charging pins and the earphones. It can also indicate that the headphones’ pairing is not correct.

Why Are My JBL Headphones Not Charging?

Check to see whether your JBL headphones are correctly plugged in or charged if they aren’t charging. Holding down the power button for 10 seconds will reset the headphones. The batteries may need to be changed if that doesn’t work. The ear cushions must be taken out, and the battery cover must be unscrewed. Ensure that the fresh batteries are inserted with the proper polarity before taking out the old ones. Reattach the ear cushions after screwing back on the cover. Now, your headphones ought to function correctly.

There are a few solutions you may try if you’re having difficulties getting your JBL headphones to charge. First, check to see if there is any debris in the micro USB port of your headphones. Clean the port with compressed air if any dirt or dust are obstructing it.

Next, ensure sure the charging cord is in good condition and has not been damaged in any way. The cable must be changed if it is frayed or bent. Try connecting the cord to a different USB port as a last step. If none of these suggestions work, you may need to get in touch with JBL customer support for further help.

How To Reset JBL Earbuds?

It could be necessary to reset your JBL headphones if they aren’t operating as they should. Start by disconnecting your headphones from any audio sources and turning them off.

Next, take the headphones’ batteries out. Put your rechargeable headphones into a power source if they are. Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds after the batteries have been taken out (or the headphones have been disconnected). The headphones’ internal circuitry will be reset by doing this.

Finally, switch on the headphones and replace the batteries (or put in the power line). Now, they ought to be operating correctly. After resetting your JBL headphones, if they still don’t function correctly, you may need to get in touch with customer care.