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IK Multimedia MODO Drum 1.5 SE

With unprecedented control over every aspect, IK Multimedia MODO Drum 1.5 SE creates tracks for your music that are absolutely accurate and lifelike. Access all the drum kit’s parameters, including size, tension, material, play style, and much more, to create the drum tracks of your dreams. IK Multimedia’s MODO DRUM gave producers a fantastic tool. The MODO DRUM software uses a physical modeling engine and modal synthesis rather than fixed pre-recorded drum samples, allowing users to change every parameter for every drum in real-time. You can modify any kit to precisely fit your mix rather than scouring libraries for a sampled kit that sounds “near.” You also have extraordinary control over your drums’ audio space in virtual rooms made possible by mathematical convolution processing. More pre-designed kits, MIDI grooves, and a dedicated mixing interface are now available in MODO DRUM 1.5.

Drum skin type, shell depth, and thickness, as well as other performance-specific factors like the area where the drum heads are struck, are all controls that MODO DRUM gives music creators. The concept is that using MODO DRUM is almost identical to using real drums and a real drummer.

With MODO DRUM 1.5, IK increases the number of deeply adjustable virtual drum kits in its physical modeling drum virtual instrument to 13, and it provides a larger range of variations of those sets to accommodate virtually every need. Three new drum kits—Silver, Brit Custom, and Metal—have been added to the MODO DRUM “Showroom,” which is a significant enhancement for version 1.5. Researchers at IK who study drums created each kit.

Silver is a six-piece vintage maple kit that works well as a general-purpose instrument for any genre. It is excellent for both pop and rock because of its open sound and tuning capabilities. The integrated processing in MODO DRUM is also ideal for metal and heavier genres.

Brit Custom is a four-piece wood kit that is perfect for indie-pop and indie-rock genres because of its warm, rich tone. Along with the new 2022 hi-hat, the 2022 cymbal set also contains a 20″ ride, 18″ crash, 16″ crash, and 20″ crash. The warmth and color of the mix won’t be lost as a result of the careful design of these cymbals.

Eight-piece ensemble Metal is known for its fat sound and black color, making it ideal for genres like metal that require a forceful rhythm section and even more aggressive approaches. Metal is paired with a brand-new Custom cymbal collection, which consists of six specially manufactured cymbals created to complement and complete the tonality of the shell pack properly.

MODO DRUM CS and SE now have a new Custom Shop that makes it simple to unlock additional kits. You can visit the IK Multimedia website and find all the possibilities to add to your cart and complete the purchase with just one click on the drum kit of your choice in the Showroom. Open the IK Product Manager from there to download and install your new kit into MODO DRUM so you can start making music.

You can place your drums in a variety of settings with MODO DRUM’s ROOM component, including a dry drum booth, IK’s own internal recording studio, clubs, cathedrals, and more! To ensure that every component of your kit interacts naturally with the environment and with one another, MODO DRUM employs convolution. Allow it to ring, or add gates and compression to the room tone for even more inventive percussion sounds. Thanks to the MIXER included with MODO DRUM, you have complete control over the recorded sound. Change the levels and panning for each component in your kit, solo or muffle them, and flip the phase. Each element has two sends, allowing for the processing of several items with the same FX for a more seamless feel. Elements can be grouped in buses.

IK Multimedia MODO Drum 1.5 SE is a must have.