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Best iHome Speakers 2023

The iHome brand has gradually established itself as a prominent participant in the speaker business over the past ten years. iHome is a part of SDI Technologies, a consumer electronics firm with over 60 years of expertise and a long list of award-winning products. The I in iHome refers to the fact that they develop speakers with a variety of iPhone, iPad, and iPod users in mind.

iHome iBT74 Smart Bluetooth Speaker

iHome iBT74 Smart Bluetooth Speaker - With Alexa Built-In and Color Changing LED Lights - Perfect...
  • wirelessly stream music from ipad, iphone, ipod touch, android, blackberry and other bluetooth-enabled devices
  • speakerphone features include built-in microphone, digital voice echo cancellation and answer & end controls
  • plays audio from audio devices equipped with 3.5 mm headphone jack

The iHome iBT74BXXC is a powerful wireless speaker with a built-in microphone for use as a speakerphone. It has a high-tech noise-cancellation technology that provides crystal-clear audio during calls. This Bluetooth speaker has up to 6 color settings that may be turned off to save power (similar to other RGB color speakers).

The built-in Li-ion battery can last up to 6 hours of music playback. When linked to a power circuit, the device powers up in four hours. This sleek speaker’s audio performance is likewise outstanding, with a powerful bass and well-defined mids. Furthermore, this Bluetooth speaker is lightweight (about 520 grams) and comes with carrying straps, making it extremely portable.

iHome PLAYGLOW Color Changing Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker System (iBT780)

iHome PLAYGLOW Color Changing Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker System (iBT780)
  • 27 HOURS OF MUSIC ON THE GO - Compact and lightweight, the iHome iBT780 PlayGlow bluetooth speaker is easily portable for use at home and on the go....
  • ACCOMPANYING COLOR CHANGING LED VISUAL EFFECTS - With five color-changing modes (slow blend, fast blend, favorite color, pulse-to-music, and lantern),...
  • LOUDER, CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO - Powered with Reson8 technology, enjoy distortion-free sound, even at maximum levels, for your favorite music, podcasts...

If you want a trendy speaker for home or outdoor use, the iHome PLAYGLOW Color Changing Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker is one of the best possibilities. The speaker’s structure is exceptionally strong and durable. The major feature of this Bluetooth speaker is its large battery, which can provide up to 27 hours of continuous music listening.

On the other hand, when it comes to the speaker’s design, it’s fairly portable, handy, and even has color-changing LED lights. There are five color-changing modes available, including slow-blend, fast-blend, pulse-to-music, preferred color, and lantern mode. Thanks to the Reson8 technology, this Bluetooth speaker from iHome has a 4 Watt RMS driver and produces incredibly clear and loud audio quality.

iHome iBT62B Portable Collapsible Bluetooth Color Changing Speaker with Speakerphone

iHome iBT62B Portable Collapsible Bluetooth Color Changing Speaker with Speakerphone - Featuring...
  • Introducing Melody the voice powered music assistant for iHome (fill in the blank....Speakers, headphone or clock Radio), with Melody you can use your...
  • Just down load the Free Melody App (iOS & Android) and you are a tap away  from accessing millions of songs using the power of your voice!
  • Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices

If you’re looking for an economical wireless speaker, iHome provides a large selection of speakers that will meet your budget and preferences, and the iBT62B is one of them.

Despite the speaker’s low price, it’s nice to note that iHome still includes LED lights, which no other manufacturer offers at this price point. The Melody App, which can be downloaded for free on any smartphone, is included with this Bluetooth speaker from iHome. The app gives you complete control over the speaker and also allows you to utilize it with voice commands. The speakers have a good power output, but they aren’t overly loud because they only have a single 2 Watt RMS driver.

Because of its foldable shape, it is easy to transport; therefore, if you want something portable and travel-friendly, you should consider purchasing this speaker. As for the LED lighting, you should know that this speaker has four different lighting modes that you can switch between depending on your mood. When it comes to battery life, this speaker’s size is small, but it has a huge battery that can provide up to 9 hours of listening time on a single charge.

iHome iM60LT Rechargeable Mini Speaker

iHome iM60LT Rechargeable Mini Speaker - Gray Translucent
  • Speaker works with any 3.5 mm headphone jack, perfect for laptops, cell phones, portable game devices, MP3 players, etc.
  • Vacuum bass design provides surprising volume and bass response in a small space-saving speaker that fi ts in your hand
  • Long-lasting rechargeable internal lithium ion battery

The iHome iM60LT Rechargeable Speaker is available in a variety of colors from which to choose. The speaker is small and portable, with a 3.5-millimeter connector that works with most devices. You can use it with your computer, smartphone, game devices, and MP3 players, for example, and get great results. The sound is loud and immersive, and the vacuum bass mechanism is unique. The design also gives you a clear bass response for a more lively entertainment experience.

The iHome iM60LT’s tiny shape fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to carry and travel with. Its rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts for hours, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted enjoyment for an extended period of time. Furthermore, the speaker’s 2-in-1 cable includes a USB port and an audio port, allowing you to charge and connect the speaker to a sound source.

iHome iBT371 Weather Tough Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker with Speakerphone and LED Accent Lighting

iHome iBT371 Weather Tough Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker with Speakerphone and LED Accent...
  • Wirelessly stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Control the iBT371 with your voice using the Melody personal voice powered music assistant app. Streams music from iHeartRadio, Spotify
  • Speakerphone features include built-in microphone, digital voice echo cancellation and answer/end control

The iHome iBT371 Weather Tough Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker is a good choice for individuals looking for travel-friendly and budget-friendly wireless speakers. It’s constructed sturdy with the idea that consumers will want to take it outside, so the speaker’s robust outer bumper covering provides excellent support and protection. The speaker has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides around 8 hours of continuous music playback despite its compact size. Another fascinating feature of this Bluetooth speaker is that it has a touch of multicolored illumination that sets it apart from the competition.

Additionally, this speaker provides voice assistance, but only when the Melody app on your smartphone is used. Furthermore, because this speaker has an in-built microphone, you will be able to take calls while using it. Aside from that, the audio quality is excellent, thanks to the robust 5 Watt RMS driver that produces crystal clear sound. Because this speaker is intended for outdoor usage, it is waterproof and sandproof to IP67 standards.