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Best IEM Under $500 in 2024

Due to their greater consistency and ability to provide clearer monitoring on stage and in the studio, in-ear monitors are frequently used over foldback/loudspeaker monitors. We can monitor a continuous mix without using loudspeakers, which all too frequently just contribute to noise pollution, by listening to a selected mix through in-ear monitors. A excellent pair of balanced-armature in-ear headphones could significantly enhance your monitoring.

Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Triple Driver Earphone

Shure SE535-CL Professional Sound Isolating...
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear...
  • CUSTOMIZED FIT - Includes three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam...
  • SECURE, OVER-THE-EAR DESIGN - Wireform fit ensures earphones stay in place...

With three balanced armature drivers per earpiece and a broad frequency response ranging from 18 Hz to 19.5 kHz, the Shure SE535 is a wireless in-ear monitor. This three-driver IEM produces a surprisingly expansive sound with distinct high- and low-frequency separation.

Two of the SE535’s three BA drivers are woofers, and one is a tweeter. The woofers deliver deep, punchy bass, and the tweeter adds clarity and precision to the high end. Two removable cables are included with the SE535. The IEM can be connected to an audio device or wireless receiver immediately thanks to the universal 3.5mm communication line. The Bluetooth 4.1 cable provides built-in wireless functionality using the Bluetooth standard.

Both the cables and the Shure SE535 IEM are composed of high-quality materials. The robust construction can easily withstand wear and tear associated with professional performance. Since the IEMs come with 8 different pairs of ear tips, users can find the fit that is ideal for their ears. The physical earpieces fit comfortably into most ears. The SE535’s sound-isolating design, when correctly installed, will cancel out outside noise and maintain crystal-clear music even on busy stages. This is the Best IEM Under $500 in 2023.

Westone W40 Gen 2 Four-Driver True-Fit Earphones

Westone W40 Gen 2 Four-Driver True-Fit Earphones...
  • High-Definition Silver MMCX Audio Cable - Bluetooth Cable - 5 Pair Patented...
  • Ideal For: All personal audio and video devices
  • Sensitivity: 118dB SPL at 1mW

A wireless in-ear monitor called the Westone W40 has four of the company’s unique balanced armature drivers in each earpiece. From 10 Hz to 18,000 Hz, the frequency response range is incredibly flat sound experience. These IEMs function flawlessly for recorded and mastered music thanks to their expressive lows, focused midrange, sparkling highs, and overall performance. Westone’s extensive experience in creating ear-specific devices is evident in the W40 earbuds. The W40’s universal-fit earpieces are small, low-profile, lightweight, and incredibly cozy for the price tag.

This IEM has ten different ear tip selections for the best possible fit. There are 5 pairs of the exclusive WA Ergonomic Ear Tip Technology Foam Tips and 5 pairs of the unique STAR silicone tips. One or more of these pairs will undoubtedly be the ideal fit and maximize the W40’s acoustic clarity and noise isolation.

Two unique cables are included with the Westone W40. The first is a high definition silver MMCX cable that is braided around a core that is strengthened in the center and has four strands of low resistance, pure silver plated copper alloy conductors. Excellent audio transfer is provided between the connected device and the IEM via this low-resistance connection. The standard 3.5mm plug is used to finish the cable. The other cable is an aptX-compliant full-resolution Bluetooth cable. The Bluetooth features include a 10 m (32 ft) range, an IPX4 rating, and premium MMCX Audio connections. The battery life is 8 hours. This is the Best IEMs Under $500 in 2023.


The Simgot EK3 IEMs’ natural and transparent sound is produced by three Knowles balanced armatures and a three-way crossover technology. Two toggle switches on this IEM allow customers to choose between 4 distinct tunings. Without the use of external controls, these tunings improve in-ear mixes by altering the frequency response. Strong Bass, Bright Vocal, Exquisite Tone, and Balanced Tuning are the correctly named tunings. As a result, in the vast majority of situations, the Simgot EK3’s will enable users to achieve their goals with little assistance from EQ or other external audio processing.

The Simgot EK3 is produced via digital light processing and 25-m-accurate 3D printing. The production tools guarantee uniformity between each and every pair. The frequency response is flattened and resonance is reduced via precise design. Medical-grade resin that coats the EK3 keeps users’ ears pleasant while preventing the growth of bacteria.

The EK3 earbuds are kept in place and secure by the ear hooks, over-ear fit, and precisely designed earbud form. Choose among the 6 provided eartips to achieve the optimal snug fit in the ear canal for proper frequency response and noise isolation performance (3 penetrating and 3 balanced). Enough protection is built into the detachable cable design to prevent connection pins from breaking. The EK3 has a HiFi OCC&SPC-braided silver-plated cable and uses the well-liked 0.78mm 2-pin interface for better audio transfer quality.

Because the EK3s are wired, you would need to purchase a wireless audio system with a receiver that the IEMs could hook into if you wanted to go wireless. The EK3s’ cord has a 3.5mm plug.

FiiO FA9

FiiO FA9 Headphone Earphone Wired in-Ear High...
  • 【HIGH PERFORMANCE】The 6 Knowles BA drivers per ear, together with the...
  • 【More lifelike sound】The FA9 wired headphones marks the first time FiiO...
  • 【80.6mm ultra-long sound tube】The FA9 earphones employs a...

Each earpiece in FiiO’s FA9 in-ear monitor contains six Knowles balanced armature drivers. Each driver is successfully driven with its chosen frequencies by a 4-way electronic crossover, and the extra-long (80.6mm) sound tube enhances the low-end response. The FA9’s remarkable frequency response ranges from 15 Hz to 40,000 Hz overall (this is far wider than the audible range of human hearing).

Mid-frequencies received extra consideration throughout design to ensure accurate and audible vocal reproduction. These outstanding mids are the result of a partnership between Fiio and Knowles that resulted in the development of the EJ-33877 driver. Like many excellent in-ear monitors, the FA9’s durable design is precisely constructed using digital light processing 3D printing. To guarantee that the FA9 earpieces won’t irritate the skin and remain pleasant throughout extended listening/performing periods, the resin used in the design has received EU IIA medical certification.

The FiiO FA9 earpieces were also created using data from thousands of people’s ear models, just like many excellent IEMs. The end result is a design that most users can wear comfortably in their ears. The FA9s come with 15 different pairs of ear tips, including foam, double-flanged, improved bass, balanced, enhanced vocals, Spinfit, and enhanced bass tips in various sizes.

The detachable, 8-strand monocrystalline silver-plated copper wire transmits audio of the highest quality. The cable contains a 3.5mm gold-plated connection that may be used to connect it to the selected wireless receiver or audio device.