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HybridTwo Project Chaos

Project Chaos lets you choose from a variety of cinematic loops, sequences, and effects while using the multi-layer sample engine. These can be played back in up to four levels at once when stacked. HybridTwo’s most cutting-edge user interface to date, while adhering to our belief that user friendliness is paramount, is featured in Project Chaos. You have access to four levels with Project Chaos, each with a sophisticated step sequencer that includes per-step subsequencers for volume, sample start, tuning, and pan. The rhythmic possibilities are incredible, and they’ve never been this simple to achieve. Add to that our custom written modulation matrix with 2 LFOs and 2 Sequencers.

Daniel James, a prominent composer and sound designer (Terminator Genesys, Metal Gear Solid V), and his collaborator Aaron Frensley developed the Project Chaos sample collection, which runs on Native Instruments’ complete versions of KONTAKT and above. The extensive collection of expertly made samples that make up Project Chaos are organized into 24 different sound categories. While some sections have quite obvious labels, others have relatively obscure names that become immediately clear once you begin browsing the sounds inside.

Project Chaos includes a broad range of percussion loops, cinematic effects, textures, drones, and synth sequences, all powered by a competent engine that prioritizes customization. It is primarily aimed for film, game, and trailer music writers. After the popularity of Project Alpha and Bravo, whose sounds can be heard in countless video game and movie trailer soundtracks, Project Chaos offers a completely user-expandable product that lets you import and process your very own samples. This modifies the game’s laws.

Using your MIDI keyboard, you can trigger up to 32 samples from the Sound category. The Solo Mode and Menu Mode are the two operating modes available for each layer. The Menu Mode places each sample that is available in a category on its own key, unlike the Solo Mode, which spreads out a single sample across the entire keyboard range. This makes the former a quick and simple way to evaluate various sounds and modify their pitch by using the appropriate keyswitches, while the former a great tool for playing tonal samples. Since you can load up to 32 samples per layer, you have over 1,000,000 different sound combinations with just one patch, which should be plenty to keep most users busy for a while.

Project Chaos’ open sample structure, which enables users to import their very own samples and design unique Chaos Banks, is undoubtedly one of its most revolutionary aspects. You may easily import sounds and create full banks using Project Chaos’ own Bank Manager program (for Mac & PC).

Project Chaos provides you with a complete, ready-made sound design toolbox with outstanding sounds, tons of processing and modulation choices, and the chance to create your very own bespoke sample sets if you frequently work on tight deadlines while composing for movies, video games, or trailers. With Project Chaos, you really can’t go wrong.