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We’ve listed the best headphones in every category so you can get the best sound wherever. From earbuds to over-ear headphones, including both wired and wireless options.


Best Planar Magnetic Headphones 2023

Dynamic and electrostatic drivers are believed to be combined in planar magnetic headphones. Planar magnetic headphones have increased in popularity in many audiophile societies over

Best Transcription Headphones 2023

Your hearing is your most valuable asset as a professional audio transcriptionist. A good set of transcription headphones can help you hear difficult audio more

Best V-Moda Headphones 2023

V-Moda is a privately held international company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end clothing. The company creates a one-of-a-kind blend of cutting-edge

Best Jabra Headphones 2023

When it comes to audio equipment, Jabra is a name that’s familiar to many. This brand has been around for years, producing high-quality audio products

Best Headphones for Toddlers 2023

Most kids will require headphones at some point, whether for school, travel, or simply to save an adult’s sanity. It’s tempting to hand down a

Best Cat Ear Headphones 2023

Nowadays, headphones come in a variety of designs and sizes. Some may appear to be standard headphones, but others are far more unusual, possibly with

Best Beyerdynamic Headphones 2023

Since 1924, Beyerdynamic has produced headphones, microphones, apps, wireless audio, conferencing systems, audio gadgets and other services. With the wired connection headset for studio mixing

Best Philips Headphones 2023

Philips is a well-known brand that offers a diverse range of electronic products. For more than a century, the firm has been providing us with

Best Surround Sound Headphones 2023

This is a complete list of the Best Surround Sound Headphones currently available on the market! You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking


Best Heart Rate Headphones 2023

Your workout might benefit from music in a variety of ways. Among other things, it can energize you, divert your attention from exercise-related suffering, and

Best Radio Headphones 2023

The best radio headphones are a practical all-in-one piece of audio gear if you want to tune in to your preferred FM or AM stations

Best Semi-Open Headphones 2023

If you’re looking for semi-open headphones, you’ve been able to focus your search on a more uncommon design when compared to other often used options

Best Silent Disco Headphones 2023

You wouldn’t typically pair the phrases “disco” and “silent” in the same sentence. However, if you get past that idea, you’ll have a fascinating experience.

Best Electrostatic Headphones 2023

It might be challenging to stay up to date on the newest headphones and how they vary from the competition. Electrostatic headphones are one of

Best Soundstage Headphones 2023

The perceived size and placement of the sound being reproduced is known as the soundstage. Using reverb, delay, or mid/side processing during the initial recording

Best Headphones for Teens 2023

What characteristics define the top headphones for teenagers? High-quality sound quality is the foundation for performance, much like with other headphones for music and gaming.

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Studying 2023

It’s time to return to class! It’s time for students to organize themselves too as schools, colleges, and universities get ready to welcome back students

Best W1 Headphones 2023

Apple’s version of wireless Bluetooth is the W1 chip. Easy connection with an iPhone running iOS 10 or later is made possible by the W1


Best White Gaming Headsets 2023

Pro gamers all around the world are upgrading to the best white gaming headsets they can get in place of the more conventional darker colored

Best Steelseries Headsets 2023

The top SteelSeries headsets for PC, PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch gaming are highlighted in this review. These headphones are made to provide exceptional

Best Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers 2023

What percentage of adults wearing glasses would make you puke, if you were to guess? thirty or forty percent? Nearly, but not quite, the staggering

Best Astro Headsets 2023

Astro is one of the most well-known and respected headset manufacturers in the world. Some of the top Xbox One headsets on the market are

Best Aviation Headsets 2023

One of the most critical accessories and tools in a pilot’s cockpit is an aviation headset. Hundreds of various headset types and brands are available

Best LG Bluetooth Headsets 2023

The best LG Bluetooth Headsets are highlighted in this evaluation so you may use them to stream music and make calls while you’re on the

Best Gaming Headsets for Big Heads 2023

When selecting a headset, people frequently prioritize features and sound quality, putting comfort last. But if players intend to wear their headset for hours on


Best Earbuds for ASMR 2023

To get the most out of ASMR, you’ll need high-quality headphones that allow you to hear all of the audio’s intricacies. The best ASMR earbuds

Best Tangle Free Earbuds 2023

Earbud tangling is a well-known issue among earbud users, as is the time-consuming procedure of untangling them. When you put your earbuds in your pocket

Best Earbuds for Running 2023

The best running headphones are capable of much more than just playing music. Of course, having a workout music blasting while you push yourself through

Best Klipsch Earbuds 2023

Klipsch has long reigned supreme in the world of high-resolution audio. Their move into headphones was much anticipated. It finally happened in 2007, when earphones

Best Motorcycle Earbuds 2023

Many motorcycle riders adore the calm and quiet of motorcycle riding—there are no phones, emails, or other distractions—just them, their bike, and the open road.

Best Invisible Earbuds 2023

Headphones have evolved into wireless earbuds, and now invisible earbuds. On a flight, train, or bus, they’re a terrific way to listen to music or

Best SoundPEATS Earbuds 2023

Since the first wireless earphones with self-isolating chambers were introduced, the world has been transformed by wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds clearly allow consumers to experience

Best Tozo Earbuds 2023

Buying decent earphones for a little money is a joy, although huge firms are asking for a lot of money for that. For those who

Best Bass Earbuds 2023

Selecting the best headphones is crucial if you consider yourself a bass-head and enjoy the thud and rumble of genres like hip-hop, dubstep, or house


Best HyperX Headsets 2023

Console and PC gamers alike have been vying for the best HyperX headset on the market ever since the original HyperX Cloud was released. It’s

Best Turtle Beach Headsets 2023

In the year 2023, the best turtle beach gaming headsets is a great location to start your search for one of the best gaming audio

Best Sennheiser Headphones for Gaming 2023

Sennheiser GAME ONE PC Gaming Headset Sennheiser Game One are the best Sennheiser headsets for gaming. With well-padded microfiber ear cups and a headband that

Best Corsair Headsets 2023

Corsair VOID RGB Elite Wireless Premium Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound The Corsair Void Pro gaming headset provides you with moments and performances that

Best Headset for Discord 2023

The best Discord headset allows you to communicate with your other gamers while also allowing your stream viewers to immerse themselves in the game, so

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming 2023

Through its distinctive design, open-back headphones provide an immersive listening experience. They can provide a broad and vast soundstage that can give you the impression

Best Logitech Headsets 2023

What characteristics distinguish the best Logitech headset? One of the most reputable manufacturers of PC hardware and accessories is Logitech. Their gaming headset models are

Best PS5 Headsets 2023

The best PS5 headset will improve your new console setup right away. The newest drivers deliver tremendous power along with comfort and build quality to

Best Astro Headsets 2023

Astro is one of the most well-known and respected headset manufacturers in the world. Some of the top Xbox One headsets on the market are