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Can I use Headphones while surfing?

Since the introduction of the water-resistant function, headphone use has significantly grown. From that moment on, individuals and headphones developed into an unbreakable partnership. Although it’s not the only one, this explains the majority of the reasons why you searched today for “surfing with headphones” on Google.

I’m still perplexed as to why folks choose to surf while wearing headphones. You are preoccupied with music, which is something you can do pretty much anywhere, rather than taking in the surf. Can you use headphones while surfing? We’ve seen them worn when working out, hiking, and even taking showers. Yes, you can surf while wearing headphones, but there are certain restrictions. A waterproof or water-resistant feature should be present on your smartphone.

You have probably seen IPX in the headphone advertisements. That indicates that the headphones, which are typically certified IPX4 to IPX7, are waterproof up to a specific degree (which can withstand water for 30 minutes). Their other ratings, IP67 and IP68, are equally water-resistant for 30 minutes, but IP68 can tolerate depths of up to 3.2 feet.

What Kind of Headphones Can You Use While Surfing

The worst enemies of electronics and water are no more, thanks to the waterproof function. How much water resistance the headphones have is determined by their IPX rating. The best headphones with a waterproof function are made exclusively for water activities (surfing is included).

You might wish to steer clear of the IP1 and IP2 if you intend to go surfing because they can scarcely withstand water. Only a few sprays of water, such those from snow or rain, may be handled by the IP3 and IP4. Because the water-resistance is evaluated, headphones with an IP5 rating and higher can be used without risk. The IP67, IP68, and IPX6 +, on the other hand, can survive immersion in water for 30 minutes or even up to 3 feet deep.

Just remember that waterproof does not equate to water-resistant. I am aware that it is the manufacturers’ responsibility and not yours. It is my obligation to explain how weatherproof, waterproof, and water-resistant materials function.

The optimum waterproof feature to utilize when surfing is above IPX6 to IPX8. The Water-resistant has an IPX1 to IPX5 grade and can tolerate water quite well. Last but not least, the term “weatherproof” denotes that it can only withstand light water splashes.