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Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

You may have noticed that your hair still has a divot where the band of your headphones used to rest after using them all day. This can be typical for you and only a purely cosmetic issue. But what should you do if you also see a tiny skin nick where your headband was?

All of us have been there. While using headphones, your head feels like it has a dent in it. Although it isn’t a headache, it is uncomfortable, and you are unsure of how to deal with it. Is this a cause for concern? Should you be worried about a dent on your headset? In this post, we’ll discuss the potential causes of headset dents and how to avoid them.

The small deformity of your head due to headband use can be highly worrisome. When you check it later and the dent is still there, it grows worse! Did using headphones nonstop actually give you a dent on your skull?

Can Headphones Dent my Head?

Your headphones may temporarily indent your hair or even your head, but they won’t permanently harm your skull. Therefore, if you’ve ever questioned why your head has a dent after taking off your headphones, you can be reassured that your skull has not been permanently harmed. Instead, it can be either a dent from wearing headphones too long, or headphone hair. After all, these two are really obvious after a long day of donning tight headphones.

Headphone hair occurs when the headband of your headphones presses against your scalp and hair, flattening the hair. The section of the hair where the headband was originally leaves a depression as a result.

On the other hand, wearing tight headphones for an extended period of time might also result in a minor dent on the head. Although it may seem concerning, this is only transitory. It will eventually disappear on its own.

This is comparable to the mark your glasses leave on your face after wearing them all day: the marks are visible at first but disappear after removing the glasses for a short period of time. The same principle applies to headphone dents: while a tiny indentation may initially seem alarming, your skin will quickly resume its natural shape.

Should I worry about headset dent?

No, you shouldn’t be concerned about a dented headset. There is no need to be concerned because this is a frequent occurrence. The dent will disappear in a few hours and was probably caused by the pressure of the headphones on your skin or hair. Though there can be a few exceptions.

When should I be worried about headphone dent?

There are a few situations in which a headset dent can be something to be concerned about. You should see a doctor if the dent is accompanied by discomfort, swelling, or redness.

If the dent does not go after a few hours and you realize you actually have a dent in your skull, there is another reason to be concerned (not skin or hair). You need to see a doctor right away because this could be very bad.

The following are a few causes of skull dents:

innate ability indentation
Bone Paget’s disease
Gorham’s illness

It’s always advisable to see a doctor if you’re unsure about that dent in your head.