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Best Hardcore Plugins 2024

Early in the 1990s, a musical genre called “hardcore” emerged in Europe. Faster tempos between 160 and 200 BPM, lengthy distorted kick drums, experimentation, distortion, and masterful sound design are its distinguishing features.

The top plugins for creating any Hardcore music genre are on this list. This list can assist you in finding the sound you’re looking for, whether it’s complicated bass sounds, crushing lead synths, textured pads, or distorted tuned kicks. The best Hardcore music plugins for music producers to utilize while creating Hardcore genres like Doomcore, Breakcore, Terrorcode, UK Hardcore, and Happy Hardcore are discussed in this article.

Audio Damage Kombinat Tri

Audio Damage’s Kombinat Tri is a multiband distortion effect plugin. The incoming signal is divided into three frequency bands, each of which is processed separately. A very clever and adaptable distortion device is Kombinat Tri. Due to its multiband nature, it may produce a variety of acoustic effects, from mild tube saturation to complete audio annihilation.

Kombinat Tri is a major overhaul of our well-known Kombinat series and a toolbox for sonic warfare that ranges from subtle tone-shaping or adding grit to full-on utter waveform annihilation. The three distortion engines in Kombinat Tri each have 13 possibilities (including pass-through), allowing for the creation of complex and distinctive sounds. Would you like to apply a bit-reduction algorithm to the high end, a modest tube clip to the mids, and a ring mod to the low end? No issue. Do you want to sequentially apply three fuzz or sine-warp algorithms to your signal? The box is yours. Signal is sent into a resonant filter with 12 modes after the frequency bands are distorted. You can choose from traditional lowpass and highpass options, Korg ms-20-inspired highpass and lowpass modes, and AD Filterpod-inspired algorithms. A wet/dry knob can help you produce even more complicated sounds while some filter modulation knobs offer a lot of opportunity for sound composition.

The signal structure of Kombinat allows for a fairly wide range of sounds because each component of the overall effect is a useful tool in and of itself. A full “DJ-style” band-killer EQ is present at the front end, followed by three distortion engines that can be employed either in series mode for total signal obliteration or in multi-band mode for nuanced surgery. The engines are followed by a 12-topology multi-mode filter and a compressor that we have set up for one-control operation.

A creative distortion effect plugin is Kombinat Tri. This plugin is for you if you love distortion and are always looking for new ways to bend and twist sounds into something wildly beautiful. This is one of the Best Hardcore VST Plugins in 2023.

Future Audio Workshop SubLab

FAW developed the sub synthesizer known as SubLab. It specializes in producing bass- and sub-heavy sounds that go well with modern musical genres. Contrary to most synthesizers, SubLab features three independent parts and is solely dedicated to bass. It is a concentrated and succinct synthesizer whose primary purpose is to produce earth-shattering sub-bass. The ideal contemporary sub synthesizer is created when you combine that with a simple yet attractive interface.

Three sound engines make up SubLab’s main sound component. The first synthesizer has a single oscillator and can produce waveforms with eight octaves of sine, triangle, saw, and square. To adjust the volume, pitch, and filter, three ADSR envelopes are available. The second engine is a sampler that includes several different kicks. Here, the goal is to produce 808-like sounds by layering kicks or other percussion with the synth layer. Your own samples can also be dropped in. The key of the song you’re writing can be adjusted by pitching your samples.

A few effects are included in SubLab to enhance your bass. Two of the most common effects applied to bass sounds are compression and distortion, both of which are presented here. While the compression has a sidechain feature to assist you move the synth signal out of the way when the sample is playing, the distortion has an integrated filter to allow you create the tone with fine control. When creating 808s from the ground up, having this tool is fantastic. Finally, a limiter for achieving your desired loudness as well as a stereo imager that will enable you to make super-wide 808s without sacrificing the mono compatibility of your sub are included.

One of the best bass synthesizers on the market right now is SubLab. Your sub’s integrity is preserved across all playback systems using the X-Sub algorithm. The sampler and synth engines are flexible and simple to use. The included effects provide all the finishing touches needed to make professional bass sounds, making them a great option for producers of all bass-focused genres.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3

FabFilter’s Pro-Q3 dynamic equalizer. It’s one of the equalizers that industry experts like professional engineers and producers utilize the most. Like every FabFilter product, Pro-Q3 is more complex than first appears. In addition to having the ability to create exact cuts and boosts across the frequency spectrum, it is packed with additional functions that make mixing easier.

Pro-Q3 offers a useful mixing option and an excellent visual depiction of the frequency spectrum. While your audio is playing, if you move your mouse over the waveform, it will analyze the spectrum and compile a list of all resonant frequencies. These frequencies frequently cause mixing issues since they stand out excessively and interfere with other instruments. You can make a band that will assist in reducing it by clicking on one of the resonance frequencies that Pro-Q3 has identified.

Each frequency band you define in Pro-Q3 has the potential to be dynamic. It only requires a right-click and the dynamic mode option. The band’s assault, release, and threshold can then be adjusted. When mixing, dynamic EQ is a useful tool, especially for frequencies that only sometimes become out of control throughout the song. Mid/side EQ is another function of Pro-Q3. You can divide any band in this way into stereo and mono bands. By increasing the stereo (side) band, you can make a sound’s stereo information more prominent and broader. An useful method for resolving mono-compatibility concerns or producing amazing stereo effects is to boost the mono (mid), which increases its mono information.

One of the most technologically advanced equalizers available is FabFilter Pro-Q3. It is an extremely precise EQ plugin that is packed with tools to make mixing simple. The dynamic option can tame even the most obstinate sounds, making mid/side an essential mixing tool for giving your songs more depth and space.