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Gum Cuisine Kick Review 2024

New kick drum synthesizer plugin Gum Cuisine Kick has sophisticated capabilities including FM, resonator, and more. A strong kick is a crucial component of an electronic music. Today, kick samples can be found in tens of thousands of distinct variations in factory libraries or from independent sound creators. You can also go the all-synthesis approach and create your own kicks from start.

Different sound-shaping parts make up Kick. It begins with a pitch control and a full ADSR envelope on a multi-timbral tone section. Your kicks have more personality thanks to the filtered noise section with several flavors, a separate decay envelope, and an integrated filter.

In the second section of the plugin, it becomes much more captivating and acoustically varied. A multi-flavor click section produces powerful transients, while the body component gives your kicks extra punch and rumble. A resonance module with a resonator is also present for a unique, more organic flavor. Additionally, you may enhance your kicks even further by applying a drive (from mild distortion to extreme overdrive) and FM for more harmonic overtones.

You have a random control that provides organic diversity each time you activate a sound in addition to the drive and FM. Kick comes with more than 100 pre-programmed settings. You may get a fair idea of the drum synth’s sounds from these. But the real pleasure starts when you investigate the engine for yourself.

Gum Cuisine Kick, the best tool for producing powerful and punchy kick drums in music productions, will let you unleash the force of your kick drums. You may use a variety of sound shaping choices and simple settings to create the ideal kick sound for every style of music thanks to our fully synthesized sound architecture and innovative approach to synthesis.