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Pitch Innovations Fluid Chords Review 2024

Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch, bills itself as the first intelligent Pitch Bend plug-in. Its main selling point is the ability to allow you choose a musical scale for your pitch-bend modifications after installation, when it tucks neatly into the folder of your MIDI FX plug-ins (rather than as an audio processing plug-in).

A MIDI-FX plugin with hosting capabilities, Fluid Chords leverages MPE technology to generate chord bending and produce previously unheard music. It enables you to musically intelligently go from the most basic triad to the most intricate voicings! You may produce distinctive pitch effects like chord risers and other harmonies by bending a single note into a whole chord. A special instrument to explore the huge ocean of pitch in fresh and intriguing ways is fluid chords. You will need MPE compatible synthesizers or samplers to experience Fluid Chord bending since Fluid Chords employs MPE technology to produce chord bending. But don’t worry—there are FREE MPE synths like Surge XT to get you started.

True polyphonic pitch-bend, which you may enable for all compatible synthesizers, is the feature that stands out overall. This skillfully bends numerous notes at once. For instance, when switching from an A minor chord to a F major chord, the C in the center of the first chord bends down to an A by a minor third, while the first chord’s A and E shift up by a major third to become F and C, respectively.

You can choose bend ranges instantly using an iOS app, however you can also use the plug-in and your mouse if you like. The sole restriction to Fluid Pitch’s simplicity and musical excellence is that you must match the pitch-bend range in your synth to Fluid Pitch and make sure that range is broad enough to accommodate the note and chord bends you wish to execute. Otherwise, this pitch bend plug-in is a novel, ground-breaking approach to the genre. Fluid Pitch is a must have for any outside the box thinking musician.