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Extended Electric Guitar by Edu Prado Sounds

The Extended Electric Guitar library adds new methods, new sounds, and a new tone to the Edu Prado Sounds collection as a continuation of the well-known Extended Acoustic Guitar series. Unconventional and innovative electric guitar methods are elevated to a new level by the extended electric guitar. This library offers a variety of techniques with several layers and round robins in order to achieve both pure tone and excellent playability. You may precisely customize the sound for your project with the numerous effects and controls. The Extended Electric Guitar is ideal for all types of productions, from pop to huge cinematic music, with its exquisite finger-played harmonics, groovy muted notes, precise tapping, creative bowed techniques, and dreamy soundscapes.

The painstakingly sampled bowed styles include furious Tremolo bowing, morphing Sul Ponticello bowing that produces higher scratchy overtones, and hypnotic gentle and airy Bowed Harmonic bowing. To minimize any impression of monotony, all of these bowed patches were created using extremely lengthy organic samples with natural motion. This electric guitar library is unlike any other since every patch has been meticulously handmade, and every sound is full of personality and vitality.

With a variety of built-in effects, the Graphic User Interface provides limitless aural possibilities, including:

Space (Convolution Reverb) featuring size and mix controls, 10 carefully chosen Impulse Responses, and a dropdown menu;
Cabinet simulation effect with adjustable Spin and Gain speeds;
Power over attack and release;
Smudge effect: emulating an amp while controlling the quantity;
Distortion with amount control for the scream effect;
Severe compression with level control, or the “pump effect”
Filters with high and low passes;
Smear: severe diffusion delay effect with control over duration, mix, and feedback

Give Extended Electric Guitar by Edu Prado Sounds a strum. You might be surprised.