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Best Enhancer Plugins 2024

Enhancers can be a lifesaver when it comes to audio production during the mixing process. Enhancers can be used in situations where EQ is no longer relevant. It’s an excellent tool for fine-tuning individual tracks and mixes as a whole in your music production. For you, we’ve prepared a variety of solutions, both universal and customized to individual instruments. Let’s start with a definition of enhancers in general.

In most cases, enhancer plugins add additional harmonics to the frequency spectrum. These ranges can be low, medium, or high. As a result, the resulting signal is more affluent and expressive, and it breaks through the mix more effectively. When it comes to mixing, such software can be really beneficial. But keep in mind that boosters aren’t a tool you should utilize all of the time. To avoid overprocessing, it’s best to employ them only when absolutely essential.

MeldaProduction MBassador

Melda’s MBassador plugin makes it simple to create missing bass track in a nice way. There isn’t much to say about the importance of low-end in modern music. In most circumstances, the equalizer will be our major tool for working with it. But what if, due to bad recording techniques, your source lacks bass response? In this scenario, a plugin from MeldaProduction, a Czech firm, can assist us in resolving the issue.

The MBassador plugin uses existing mid-range harmonics to resynthesize lost bass frequencies. As a result, the bass sound quality is more solid and tight without side effects. You may regulate this process using modules that are responsible for different areas, allowing you to quickly and simply select the correct sound. Any instrument that requires a low-end lift will benefit from the MBassador. A kick drum, a bass guitar, or a bass synth pads could all be used. This is where the insertion of bass frequencies is done musically, so it sounds the most natural audio quality.

The first green-colored plugin module is Bass Enhancer. You’ll be able to add the necessary information around 100 hertz frequency range thanks to it. The re-synthesis is quite tight, and the upper-harmonics are excellent. If you want to go any farther and add sub information to your music, utilize the second module, Sub Generator. It produces a tone that is an octave lower than the lowest note. Lowest Sub is the final module, and it allows you to generate even more sub information. The Sub 2 Generator adds 2 octaves of harmonics below the lowest note. This is a fantastic feature for extra low-end.

You’ll have plenty of chances to shape your bass tone. You can utilize the Tone control, for example, to add the desired upper harmonics. There’s also a Saturation slider that adds extra bite and ferocity. The MBassador plugin can help you save money on your low-end computer. It comes in helpful when EQ isn’t working and gives you a variety of low frequency restoration alternatives. You may work with both bass and sub information with the three modules. Plus, because the plugin does so in the most melodious way imaginable, it’s difficult to tell the difference. This is the Best Enhancer Plugin in 2022.

AudioThing Type A

This retro sort of enhancer in AudioThing’s Type A plugin may make your vocal files really stand out. We’re going to take a quick trip through history here. The Dolby A301 and Dolby 361 hardware devices were designed as tape noise reduction systems in the 1960s and 1970s. Engineers began using them for a new purpose soon after, to add air to vocal files. They only employed the encoding stage, leaving only the compressed upper frequencies after turning off the two lower bands. Later, this approach was dubbed “John Lennon mod” or “Vocal Trick.”

AudioThing, an Irish startup, decided to develop a digital replica of these renowned machines. And we have to say, they did an excellent job because the plugin dynamically increases the signal’s upper frequencies while causing no adverse effects. This effect is comparable to the dynamic equalizer, except it gives the music a lot more presence.

Four bends will be available to you in the form of simple buttons that you can use to switch them on and off for audio enhancer from the user interface. Each operates at a separate frequency control. Simply pay attention to whatever combination will be the most profitable for you. By clicking on the gear icon, you may access the volume bar. The knobs that allow you to change the loudness of each band can be found there. You can disable the direct signal by pressing the red button, leaving only the sound of your bending audible. The enhancer audio plugins will only provide the dynamically compressed signal.

This enhancer functions in a more natural way than previous enhancers and produces no artifacts. Because the amount of compression is proportional to the volume, this is the case. The volume of loud noises does not change, while the volume of quiet sounds does. “John Lennon mod” should be used. The amazing thing about this plugin is that it allows you to replicate the classic technique that made this unit famous in the first place. Disable the two low bands while keeping the two high bands active.

This plugin will assist you in obtaining the colors of an analog enhancer as well as applying the Vocal Trick approach. Because Type A has such a basic interface, you won’t have to fiddle with the settings for very long. You’ll get great-sounding music if you turn the buttons on and off, balance the bend volume, or mix only the effect to the original recording input signal.

Boz Digital Labs Sasquatch 2

Sasquatch 2 is a CPU-friendly kick drum enhancement plug-in that lets you customize the sound of any kick drum, acoustic or electronic, with a wide range of creative options, from subtle to extreme and beyond.

Sasquatch 2 is a dedicated kick drum processing plug-in (but it can do more than that), allowing you to tailor your kick drum sound to your production needs in any musical genre. Sasquatch 2 makes it simple to obtain the effects you desire, whether it’s subtle enhancement, gigantic room-shaking thud, or electronic musical mutation; no option overload, no hours lost browsing through Gigs of samples, and no cryptic features you’ll never use. The low end is both the most important and the most hardest aspect of a modern mix to master. Sasquatch 2 may give you all that and more in a single, easy-to-use, and economical plug-in if you’ve been battling to create a powerful, punchy low end with a variety of sound hardware unit.

The bottom drum is, as we all know, the backbone of any mix, whether it’s electronic or more live. It’s where our mix’s lowest information is found. This foundation can be a little shaky at times, and you’ll need to shore it up in some way. In this instance, the Sasquatch 2 plugin will come in handy. It’s more than simply a kick drum booster; it’s also a customizer. You’ll be able to manipulate the harmonic information and somewhat alter the sound properties of your lowest instrument as a result of it. And this is true from the most subtle to the most extreme subtleties.

Whether your bass drum is acoustic or electronic, the Sasquatch 2 plugin will provide you with a plethora of possibilities to improve the punch section. You won’t have to hunt through your sampler folders any longer because this fantastic enhancer allows you to control the quantity of low-end and even the attack of the reference track at a affordable price point. The possibility to utilize this plugin as a synthesizer will be a welcome plus. It will be advantageous to EDM music in that circumstance of audio sound.