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6 Reasons Your Earbuds Keep Disconnecting

It’s frustrating when your earbuds keep disconnecting, but there are some easy fixes to this annoying problem. We’ll walk you through them here:

1. Make sure they’re plugged in all the way. Sometimes a small gap can develop between the buds and your ears that prevents the audio from connecting properly. Check to make sure the wires are firmly attached by gently pulling on both sides of each bud until it feels secure against your ear.

2. Make sure your phone is charging correctly. Some devices may not charge the earbuds fully if the device isn’t completely plugged into an outlet or charger. Try using another cable to see if it charges more quickly (if so, you have a faulty charging port). If you don’t want to go out and buy another one right away, try using a different wall adapter or even just a different USB cord to test if it’s a faulty accessory instead.

3. Turn off Bluetooth and Airplane Mode before putting the buds back in your ears. The reason why your headphones will cut out after you take them out is because your iPhone has switched itself to airplane mode as soon as you put your earbuds back in your ears. Turning these two features off for 30 seconds before placing the buds back in should allow the audio signal to be transmitted again.

4. Change the pairing method. Most people who experience connection issues use the same method every time they pair their headphones—usually with a long press of the play/pause button. You might need to change things up though; double-pressing the volume buttons while wearing the buds may work better. Or try tapping once to pair, then holding down for a few seconds to enter the passcode screen, which lets you set up custom profiles for certain songs or calls. This option works best on Android phones, since iOS only allows for a single profile at a time.

5. Check for software updates. Many companies offer firmware upgrades to fix problems like these. Check with your manufacturer to see if there’s any new software available. Apple also provides frequent updates for its products, so check the settings menu to see if anything is currently downloading or installing. It could help resolve your issue!

6. Check the case. Your case might not be charging your earbuds either. When the battery life starts to get low, most cases stop working properly and begin to slow down. This happens often enough that it warrants a trip to the store to exchange your old case for a new one.