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DuoTone Effect Suite by Channel Robot Review

Check out Channel Robot’s DuoTone series if you’re searching for a fresh approach to dealing with effects. With these plugins, you have more control and flexibility over your sound thanks to their innovative multi-channel audio routing technique. DuoTone Delay 2, DuoTone Chorus 2, DuoTone Shaper 2, DuoTone Gate 2, DuoTone Phaser 2, DuoTone Compressor 2, DuoTone Flanger 2, and DuoTone Tremolo 2 are just a few of the incredible plugins in the DuoTone family. You can apply various effects to various frequency bands of your audio signal using each plugin. Also, you can combine several effects to come up with your own unique sets.

The following DuoTone goods are part of the DuoTone Collection:

DuoTone Chorus 2

The code-base for the chorus effect itself has been extensively rewritten in DuoTone Chorus 2. Since we tripled the number of chorus voices inside the effect (among other things) to create a luscious, thick, and deep effect, you are actually working with six voices inside each effect copy rather than the typical two in most choruses, so yes, it may get fairly enormous.

DuoTone Compressor 2

We needed a more subtle and flexible compressor that could be transparent when we wanted it to be, but could also go all the way to brick wall limiting. DuoTone Compressor 2 is a fully redesigned effect. Hence, we created a new compressor with the option to add or remove soft knees as needed.

Dual Tone Delay 2
A entirely new effect, DuoTone Delay 2, has been created. Real Ping-Pong Delay and Tape Delay were introduced in addition to the original independent stereo delay from V1 (now referred to as “Classic”). Now that you know how to delay in three completely different ways, you may combine them to create a distinctive and vast polyrhythmic output.

DuoTone Distortion 2
A entirely new effect, DuoTone Distortion 2 takes the place of DuoTone Shape. As a result, we preserved the original wave shaping distortion from V1 but also added the “Dirt” and “Dist” distortion effects (yeah not our most imaginative naming scheme). Now that you know how to create distortion using three very separate methods, you may combine them to significantly and uniquely alter your sound.

DuoTone Flanger 2

The effect DuoTone Flanger 2 is brand-new. The series was lacking a Flanger, but not anymore. Here, a traditional Flanger effect was what we were going for, but we couldn’t help but add separate left and right delay periods for “better” stereo effects.

DuoTone Gate 2
We didn’t really want to modify anything when it came to DuoTone Gate 2, so we didn’t. The brand-new UI was introduced, and that is all. We still adore this effect; it’s remarkable what interesting results a step-based gain control can provide when smoothing is introduced.

DuoTone Phaser 2
DuoTone Phaser 2 uses a totally new code foundation for the phaser effect itself, much like DuoTone Chorus 2. We doubled the amount of internal processors to get a broader, thicker, and deeper effect, and we wanted to provide complete control over these LFO-driven processes. This implies there are somewhat more controls here than elsewhere, but we believe they are necessary.

DuoTone Tremolo 2
Like Gate 2, there wasn’t much we wanted to modify about DuoTone Tremolo 2, so we pretty much didn’t. The reduced pricing in this case reflects the fact that we only installed the brand-new UI; nothing else has changed. It’s a neat effect once more.