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Do Airpods Need WiFi?

WiFi is not required for AirPods to function or connect to a device. Any Bluetooth-enabled device can connect to AirPods, and when AirPods are connected to other Apple products, iCloud keeps track of the connections. Because they both utilize the same technology, AirPod Pro and AirPods connect to devices in the same way.

Do AirPods Use WiFi or Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is used by AirPods instead of WiFi. Apple AirPods don’t need WiFi because they are wireless Bluetooth headphones. Apple made sure you could use your AirPods anytime you wanted, wherever you were, despite the fact that you wouldn’t always have WiFi when you wanted to use them.

When AirPods connect to WiFi networks, they occasionally are unable to access any networked data. Sometimes, AirPods connect to WiFi so users may locate them if they misplace them. WiFi also enables Apple to track the duration of devices’ proximity to you and discover those that aren’t usually close by. This aids Apple in figuring out who and when is following you.

WiFi is necessary for Find My Device to function on Apple devices. The application finds Apple devices more quickly if they are linked to the same WiFi network. However, because AirPods lack an IP address, they are unable to access data on your WiFi network. Instead of WiFi, AirPods use Bluetooth to connect to and communicate with your devices.

You don’t need to turn on Bluetooth to reconnect your AirPods once you’ve connected an Apple device to them. Instead, the AirPods connect to your iPhone or other Apple device via your signed-in iCloud account, and they will remember your device the next time you want to use them.

Using iCloud to connect all of your devices also gives you the ability to switch between them without any noticeable lag. But only other Apple products can be used to accomplish this.