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Best DMX Controllers 2023

Are you looking for the best DMX controller on the market? It’s simple to program automated modes into your light fixtures, but it doesn’t always provide you the control you need. A DMX controller is required for personalized shows with professional results. When it comes to light programming and control, DMX is the industry standard, so it works with practically any brand or fixture.

With a DMX controller, you can make the most of your equipment’s DMX functions. You can access all of the varied features of your light fixtures from a one location with a DMX control board, providing you the most customization, creativity, and organization.

While DMX is one of the most useful tools for DJs, it might be difficult to grasp at first. Fortunately, DMX controllers come in a variety of levels of sophistication. We’ve compiled a list of the top DMX controllers on the market, ranging from heavy-duty stage lighting controllers to small 3-switch handhelds, to help you pick the right one for your needs. With the correct DMX controller, you’ll be able to expand your skills and improve your performance and professionalism.

ADJ Products 48 Channel DMX Dimming Controller

ADJ Products SCENE-SETTER 48, Channel DMX Dimming Controller, Professional Light Show Control Board
  • SYNCHRONIZE YOUR DEVICES: The Scene Setter allows you to easily connect your sound, lights and fog machines to create a one-of-a-kind show. Sync your...
  • EASILY PROGRAM AND CONTROL: The Scene Setter 48 features 48 dimming switch to control fixture independently. There are 4200 programmable scene and 48...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Take the Scene Setter 48 wherever it is needed with its lightweight and rugged design. This device is easily portable and...

American DJ Scene Setter-48 as the finest overall lighting board. Because it includes 4,200 programmable scenes and 48 programmable chases, it’s simple to synchronize your lights, sound, and fog machines with this lighting board. You can save and remember a previous program by creating a scene. After that, you can construct a chase by merging sequences.

With the LED display, you can simply set and navigate your programs. The American DJ Scene Setter-48’s memory capacity makes it the ideal DMX controller for moving heads, beams, lasers, fog machines, and more. This controller was designed specifically for creating elaborate displays.

There are a total of 512 channels on this ADJ lighting controller. It also has MIDI, 3-pin XLR, and 5-pin DIN inputs and outputs, making it compatible with a wide range of DJ equipment. It has a tough construction and is, in general, the greatest DMX controller for generating professional performances with complete creative flexibility.

CHAUVET DJ Obey 70 Universal DMX-512 Controller

CHAUVET DJ Obey 70 Universal DMX-512 Controller | LED Light Controllers
  • 30 Banks of 8 scenes—240 scenes max
  • Controls up to 12 intelligent lights of up to 32 channels Each
  • Program Fade & speed time into each step

The Chauvet DJ Obey70 provides superior control in a simple, lightweight, and budget-friendly package. When compared to other DMX controllers, this Chauvet DMX controller can store 240 scenes and 6 sets of chases, making it a terrific bargain. You may always operate an individual fixture on the fly or explore the built-in automated programs in addition to personalized programs. All of this is made simple by Chauvet’s intuitive, user-friendly design.

The Chauvet Obey 70 is one of the best DMX controllers because it combines a compact design with well-organized, clearly-labeled controls for a professional presentation with no confusion. This DMX controller will offer professional results and boost your lighting design, whether you want full control or simple automatic programming.

Rockville ROCKFORCE 384 Channel Fog DMX Lighting MIDI Control

Rockville ROCKFORCE 384 Channel Fog DMX Lighting MIDI Control
  • Rockville ROCKFORCE 384 Channel Light/Fog DMX Lighting Controller with MIDI Control. Controls 24 intelligent lights of up to 16 channels.
  • 30 Banks of 8 Programmable Scenes. 384 DMX Channels of Control. 6 Programmable Chases of 240 Scenes. Record Up to 6 Chases With Fade Time and Speeds....
  • Reversible DMX Channels Allows Fixture to React Opposite to Others in a Chase. Manual Override Allows You to Grab Any Fixture on the Fly. Built-in...

The Rockville Rockforce 384 with built-in light could be the finest DMX controller for you if you thrive in the dark club atmosphere. In poorly lit venues such as clubs and parties, the built-in light makes your job easier, and the sturdy design will withstand the rigors of gig life.

This 384-channel DMX controller allows you to recall 240 scenes and 6 chases, all of which can be timed to your liking. Furthermore, Rockville created this DMX controller to suit DJs of all levels of experience. You may quickly select the program of one light and assign it to another for increased convenience, ensuring that your show is synced. You may also use reversible DMX channels to set specific lights in a chase to react in the opposite direction of other lights. Because the Rockville Rockforce 384 is also MIDI compatible, this DMX controller offers a lot of room for research and experimentation with the best dmx controller for beginners.

ADJ Products DMX Operator-384 384 Channel DMX 512 with 12 Chase Programs and 8 Faders

ADJ Products, DMX Operator-384, 384 Channel DMX 512 with 12 Chase Programs and 8 Faders
  • SIMPLE EASE OF CONTROL: Operate conventional and moving lights across 384 channels. The DMX Operator Pro puts programming, playback and live...
  • PROGRAMMABLE SCENES AND CHASES: Record up to 240 scenes with 30 scene banks and up to 12 chases for quick lighting control operation. Easily override...
  • 2 CONTROLLERS IN ONE: The DMX Operator 384 combines powerful DMX control and MIDI control with MIDI input for scene, chase or blackout trigger.

The ADJ DMX Operator-384 is the greatest DMX controller if you want something that’s well-organized and labeled, with up to 240 scenes and 12 chases to traverse. For the price, you get a lot of scenarios with this console, and ADJ designed this DMX controller to be straightforward and accessible. With little effort, this DMX controller provides professional lighting.

The ADJ DMX Operator-384 allows you to control several features at once with the joystick or a single button press. You can quickly change and control your show on the fly, allowing for spontaneous innovation. The ADJ DMX Operator is known for combining user-friendly features with professional results.

CO-Z 192 DMX 512 Stage DJ Light Controller Lighting Mixer Board Console for Light Shows

CO-Z 192 DMX 512 Stage DJ Light Controller Lighting Mixer Board Console for Light Shows, Party Disco...
  • Add More Energy to Your Shows ----- With 192 groups of channels, it controls up to 12 intelligent lights of up to 16 channels each, it is also able to...
  • Fun with Creation ----- Equipped with 3-pin cable so you can easily control fog machine or other equipment of 3-pin sockets, such as oscillating beam...
  • Easy Operation ----- Our easy-to-operate is a total lifesaver for amateur users of DMX light controller, 7 sections are included in the DM, light...

The CO-Z 192 could be the ideal DMX controller for you if you’re on a low budget. You get 192 channels, 240 sceneries, and voice control for the lowest price yet. The CO-Z 192 DMX controller saves you time by using voice control instead of switches and sliders to easily access your light programs. With this lightweight and inexpensive, but very intelligent light, you get a lot of bang for your cash.

The CO-Z 192 lighting controller has an intuitive design that makes it simple to use. It divides distinct buttons and functions into different parts on the control board, making navigating quick and simple once you’ve become used to it. If you’re just getting started or need a controller for quick and easy installations, this is the best light controller.