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ChopMonster by Chop Audio

ChopMonster is an audio waveform chopper, slicer, and randomization tool designed to reliably create musical (and frequently unexpected) results. A fresh musical and random phrase will be produced after you drag a WAV audio phrase in. ChopMonster’s fundamental tenet is that it’s frequently simpler to pinpoint the flaws in a creative product than it is to construct a solution from start. The lifeblood of creativity is error, and mistakes are only entry points to the highest level of creative flow (the one with no inhibitions).

ChopMonster can therefore be considered a “beautiful mistake inducer”—something to get you thinking and then “riff off” as you go along with your idea development and manufacturing. Everything revolves around ideas. With just a few clicks of the CHOP and/or DICE buttons, ChopMonster can deliver the exact outcome you were looking for, or it can work as an exquisite starting point for additional editing, either within or outside the ChopMonster playground.

The best mistake-inducing tool is ChopMonster. In the Felix Snow style, it not only creates original vocal chops but also slices and randomly distributes whole audio phrases and loops. Apply it with:

Vocal Expressions
Loops and Chord Progressions
Synthesizer Loops/Phrases
Percssion & Drums
Essentially anything and everything musical!