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Best Carbon Fiber Guitars 2024

Guitars made of carbon fibre have a fantastic tone and are sturdy, light, and incredibly portable (especially those with a detachable neck). In recent years, carbon fibre guitar manufacturers have created some quite stylish designs. Check out my top picks for the best carbon fibre guitars if you’re considering purchasing one.

These guitars are renowned for their improved strength, lightness, and tone. These interesting futuristic guitars were made with contemporary materials and design methods. These guitars are built of synthetic carbon fibre rather than wood, like the majority of guitars. The use of this material has intriguing affects on how a guitar feels and sounds.

KLOS Full Size Deluxe Guitar Durable Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar

KLOS Full Size Deluxe Guitar, Durable Carbon Fiber...
  • CARBON FIBER and DURABLE: Take your guitar with you, whether it’s...
  • SOUND: The KLOS Full Size Acoustic Electric guitar has a rich, loud and...
  • VERSATILE: At just 4.29 lbs, it’s the ultimate guitar for beginners, the...

One of the best carbon fibre guitars available is the KLOS Deluxe Carbon Fiber, which blends a high-quality wood neck with a carbon fibre body’s mobility and durability. The guitar has a fishman sonitone pickup, a mahogany neck with a Brazilian cherry fretboard and 19 frets, and a removable neck that improves portability. A gig bag, strap, capo, and other fantastic accessories are included with the Deluxe KLOS Hybrid series full-size acoustic guitar set. It’s wonderful to see these inclusions given the high price tag.

The body of the guitar is a typical dreadnought, so what makes it stand out is the contrast between its black surface and its brown bridge and mahogany neck with Brazilian cherry fretboard. The body is light and resistant to damage, changes in temperature, and humidity (as is the case with carbon fibre in general). In order to provide durability and playability, the hybrid fingerboard is constructed of wood and reinforced with a stiffening rod made of carbon fibre. The removable and folding necks of KLOS guitars are one of their wonderful features; as a result, they take up less space and are excellent travel guitars.

The electro-acoustic guitar stands out for both its excellent tones and its small weight of 4.29 lbs. Although its somewhat smaller size than standard guitars increases portability, some players might find it uncomfortable. Additionally, the neck is entirely detachable, but every time you reconnect it, you must tune the guitar.

The body is made of carbon fibre, which is incredibly strong and resistant to external factors as well as knocks and hits. You can play the guitar plugged in or out thanks to the Fishman piezoelectric pickup and integrated 9V Fishman Preamp, which is a terrific feature.

The KLOS Deluxe Carbon Fiber is, all things considered, one of the greatest acoustic-electric guitars for touring musicians looking for a flexible and great-sounding instrument. This is the Best Carbon Fiber Guitar in 2023.

Enya EA-X4E Pro

Enya Acoustic Electric Guitar Carbon Fiber X4 PRO...
  • ♫ CARBON FIBER GUITAR: As a substitute for tonewood, carbon fiber has...
  • ♫ STABLE AND RELIABLE: Unlike wood, carbon fiber never warps, cracks, or...
  • ♫ ACOUSTICPLUS PICKUP: The patented AcousticPlus Pickup system works for...

The Enya X4 Pro is a fantastic carbon fibre acoustic-electric guitar that is well-built and reasonably priced. The guitar’s acoustic qualities shine because to its offset soundhole design, which produces a fantastic unplugged sound. There are many features available on the Enya EA-X4E Pro carbon fibre acoustic electric guitar. starting with the appealing cutaway body form. It is also a fantastic deal to get the package with the hard case and leather strap.

The guitar’s carbon fibre composite build makes it incredibly durable, making it ideal for anyone searching for a full-size guitar rather than a portable instrument. You can access reverb, chorus, and delay with the AcousticPlus pickup system, just like with LAVA guitars, and that’s another lovely touch.

Enya EA-X4E Pro is an excellent semi-acoustic carbon fibre guitar with a great price-to-quality ratio, to put it briefly. It comes highly recommended for artists on the road looking for a reasonably priced carbon fibre travel companion. Overall, it’s a terrific value, however the sound quality is only good. It’s not terrible, but it isn’t the finest we’ve heard so far either. Most purchasers were happy with the guitar. Some claimed it needed some quality control concerns to function properly, though. This is the Best Carbon Fiber Guitar under $1000 in 2023.

LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Guitar

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Due to its unique shape and reasonably low price, Lava Me 2 Carbon Fiber is one of the most well-known carbon fibre guitars available today. It has the so-called FreeBoost technology, which enables unplugged use of the guitar’s back as a speaker while using built-in effects.

The revolutionary L2 Freeboost active pickup on the guitar may be charged through a cable. This pickup and preamp setup has some intriguing features, like unplugged reverb, delay, and chorus effects. While it charges completely in 4 hours, the battery lasts 10 hours without an amp and 20 hours with one.

Lava Me pro is a very light guitar, weighing only about 3.3 lbs. The body of the Airsonic is incredibly strong and resistant to high humidity and rapid temperature changes. With only 18 frets and a short scale, the guitar is more suited for rhythm playing than lead guitar soloing.

The updated style Super Airsonic carbon fibre composite, which is 20% stronger than Airsonic, is used to make the FlyNeck. Although it is somewhat more comfortable than other carbon fibre necks, getting used to the sensation may take some time. Although I personally don’t like the guitar’s futuristic appearance, there are a lot of colours to pick from. All things considered, the Lava Me 2 Carbon Fiber hybrid guitar is a fantastic option for beginning guitarists searching for a lightweight, cutting-edge, adaptable, and reasonably priced carbon fibre guitar.

Journey Instruments OF660 Overhead Carbon Fiber

Journey Instruments Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar –...
  • STURDY CARBON FIBER FOR PIECE OF MIND - This collapsible acoustic guitar...
  • BACKPACKER’S HEAVEN - Fit our premium TSA compliant carry-on backpack on...

The Journey Instruments OF660M portable guitar can be the best option if you’re a musician who travels a lot. The guitar is incredibly small and light, and because to its foldable form and ability to separate the neck, it can be transported in a backpack-sized container. In addition to the guitar’s distinctive form, which makes it incredibly portable, the carbon fibre construction is incredibly strong and can survive harsh climatic conditions as well as mild bumps and impacts.

If matte black, matte red, matte navy blue, black (standard), purple, red, and dark black gloss are more your style, this axe is also available in those colours. The 0F660 carbon fibre guitar features a foldable neck system, a mid-position offset sound hole (said to boost resonance), a unidirectional carbon fibre soundboard with patented carbon fibre bracing, and fibreglass reinforced carbon fibre sides and back. There is a TSA-compliant carry bag included as well.

The guitar has a decently clear tone when connected to an amp. Unplugged, however, it is not loud enough and the balance between the lower and higher strings sounds different. The guitar also comes with two alternative saddles for adjusting the action, however even with the low action, the saddle height is still a little high, which makes the guitar less comfortable to play.

Overall, the OF660M from Journey Instruments is a great guitar for touring and playing with an amp anywhere you choose.

RainSong Concert Hybrid Series CH-OM Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The OM body type, single cutaway, composite fingerboard, 24.87-inch scale length, and high gloss urethane body finish are all features of this RainSong Concert Hybrid Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

This guitar is yet another incredible choice that you want to take into account. It features an all-carbon-fiber unidirectional top wood, carbon/glass hybrid back and sides, a 3-band preamp EQ with a Garrett Null notch feedback filter, and Black Gotoh tuning machines with a 1:18 gear ratio. A visually appealing satin body and a comfy satin neck compliment the magnificent high-gloss polish on the soundboard.

When playing, it responds well in the deep bass range and has amazing clarity and resonance. Its three-band EQ incorporates phase inversion and can produce warm, clean, and fresh tones depending on the settings, which is a little more information about it.

A 12-fret short-scale neck, a warm and responsive Concert Series soundboard, a smooth Carbon/Glass body construction, and RainSong’s most elegant design were all combined for this guitar. In other words, this guitar marginally outperforms the other instruments that its maker creates.