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Best Auto Pan VST Plugins 2024

On your DAW’s mixing console, panning is the art of balancing different sounds and keeping clipping at bay. If you’re bored of fiddling with multiple pan knobs, this list of the finest auto pan VST plugins will come in handy. An autopanner expands on the concept of panning by assisting in the creation of a wide range of artistic effects. Are you sick of manually automating your vocal pan effect on instruments? So, are you ready to see which auto pan VST is the best? Let’s get started without further ado.

Soundtoys PanMan

PanMan includes elements that are reminiscent of old auto-panners. Is it true that there are classic auto-panners? Yep! And we went out of our way to find unusual boxes like the Spanner and PanScan in order to figure out what makes them tick. The trigger divider is something we just had to use from the PanScan. This peculiar feature allows you to choose the amount of trigger events required to change pan positions. You can, for example, have it scan from left to right in three triggers energy panner.

Panning can be triggered by clicking your mouse, automating the process with your host, or even setting a threshold for it to respond to incoming audio. You can also filter the audio that goes to the trigger so that it only responds to low or high frequency events. Of course, we didn’t stop there: PanMan now has seven separate analog settings that add saturation and a true analog sound when pushed hard.

PanMan contains a trigger divider area that lets you set the number of triggers it takes for the signal to move to a new pan position, similar to how vintage auto-panners do it. You can, for example, have the signal go from left to right in four triggers. You may either manually trigger panning with your mouse or automate it in your DAW by selecting a trigger threshold to handle incoming signals automatically. PanMan also has advanced rhythmic features that allow you to build bespoke pan effects.

The PanMan from Soundtoys is ideal for users who want complete control over the panning effect and waveshape, as well as a retro, analog sound character. Its price, however, is a huge drawback for many users, as it is around three times the typical price for auto-panning plugins. This is the Best Auto Pan VST Plugin in 2023.

CableGuys Panshaper 3

PanShaper 3 raises the bar on stereo control. You can construct developing, flowing pan patterns and perform precise stereo edits in seconds with a drawable panning LFO and envelope follower on each band. Make your mixes fill the speakers like never before by combining standard panning with psychoacoustic Haas panning plugin.

Use PanShaper 3 alone or in conjunction with other Shapers to create intricate, multilayered effects that will make your productions stand out. PanShaper 3 runs inside Cableguys’ ShaperBox 2 effects plugin. Panshaper is a powerful auto-panning and stereo shaper tool with multi-band processing and unique and interesting modulation features that are nearly only available from CableGuys. Any panning motion you can think is only a few clicks away, from traditional autopanning to sophisticated stereo rhythms. With Cableguys’ simple editing tools, you can easily draw the exact LFO form you require. Lock LFOs to tempo with sample accuracy, or use MIDI notes to trigger any rhythm.

Panshaper is unique in that it allows you to design your own LFO shape and personalize it as much as you like, rather than having to choose from a set of pre-configured LFO waveforms like sine, triangle, saw, and so on. This LFO form can then be free-running or tempo-synced.

Overall, any CableGuys stereo control plugin comes highly recommended. They’ve perfected dynamic control and are the only developers with plugins that provide such granular control. When it comes to auto-panning, getting Panshaper 3 should be a no-brainer. This is the Best Auto Pan VST Plugins in 2023.

Plugin Boutique StereoSavage

Obtain the outstanding stereo quality that your mix demands. StereoSavage is a cutting-edge stereo toolkit that combines tried-and-true studio techniques with modern and historic tool emulation to bring your mix to life.

With the ‘Vox,’ ‘Delay,’ ‘Expand,’ and ‘Split’ programs, you can create stereo from mono. With the ‘Width, Pan, and Rotation’ adjustment tools, you may precisely place sounds in the stereo field. With the customizable ‘Bass Bypass’ tool, you can create movement and chorus-like effects while maintaining a strong low end. For the first time, StereoSavage combines all of these functions into a single plugin, allowing you to enhance your music with spectacular effects or add the appropriate delicate finishing touches.

You can choose from four different effects: vox, delay, expand, and split. Vox creates a wide, antique vocal sound. Delay adds a standard delay to your sound and allows you to customize the panning. Expand improves your stereo image by boosting the depth of your sound source, making your recording sound wider. Finally, split divides the sound into various frequency bands, each of which threshold value panned to the left or right channels starting point.

StereoSavage isn’t just another auto-panner. Auto pan effects a full-featured stereo control tool with the ability to add a variety of fascinating effects to your mix. Overall, Credland and PluginBoutique’s SoundSavage is a fantastic plugin that does a lot more than auto-panning. Instead, the multiband panner a full-featured stereo control and stereo effects plugin with a plethora of features for more flexibility and efficiency. The audio signal level also comes at a very reasonable price for a plugin of this grade.

Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob

Yes, this plugin is a plugin-format pan knob. However, the way typical pan knobs function isn’t ideal for headphone listeners, and polls show that over 87 percent of people listen to music through headphones. Have you ever heard a mix with one instrument heavily panned to one side? On monitors, it sounds fine, but on headphones, it sounds terrible. Standard panning ignores headphone listeners, this is the case.

Have you ever heard a mix with two distinct guitar tones panned to opposite sides, but one of them dominating the low end, making the whole thing sound lopsided? This is due to the fact that standard panning considers all frequencies identically, despite the fact that human ears do not. Pan Knob gets around this by using a more intelligent panning algorithm. One that maintains your low frequencies unpanned in headphones so it sounds natural. It doesn’t conduct any room simulation, so your mono mixdown won’t be messed up.

Pan Knob uses a clever panning technique to keep low frequencies unpanned so that your audio tracks feel natural while listening in headphones. Pan Knob does not simulate a room, thus your mono mixdown is intact. When your mix calls for it, panning a little wider than 100 percent to the L or R side to create a wide stereo effect is recommended. Fortunately, the Pan Knob VST allows you to increase the width of your recordings by up to 120 percent (left or right).