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Audiomodern Loopmix Review 2024

With the Loopmix, Audiomodern has harnessed the creative potential of chance and given it an AI-powered algorithm engine. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, Loopmix intelligently reimagines your audio loops through a kaleidoscopic prism of recombination, creating limitless versions for you to explore, edit, and mangle. Up to 24 remixes can be created simultaneously, and they can be mapped across different key octaves to further shape and synthesize without fear of becoming repetitive. A stronghold of live improvisation, studio ideation, and anything in between is made possible by powerful editing, effects, alteration, and performance capabilities.

Why is Loopmix so fascinating? Its original computational method for producing loop-based music. In increments of 24 loops, Loopmix creates an endless number of variations of the source material using Audiomodern loop packs which capture or your own sounds. You may quickly explore your aural environment by mapping out these loops across two octaves of keys on a MIDI controller. Use the randomization algorithms offered by Loopmix, such as Remix, Infinity, Disintegration, Track-based Randomization, Temporary Randomization, and others, to further break down and reorganize the notion. You can instantly load prior loop combinations to be seamlessly woven into ongoing projects using intelligent transposition techniques. With just the push of a button, Audiomodern’s Loopmix can be instantly transformed into an ecology of variation and remixes thanks to its 1.6 GB factory sound sets with dynamic presets. Additionally, utilizing the included advanced sample and preset manager, you may create your own packs. You can design your own unique packs, complete with original artwork, a unique name, description, and tagging.

In the past, Audiomodern has created plugins that serve as prompts for inspiration: Playbeat instantly creates drum patterns, while Riffer produces spontaneous melodies, riffs, and sequences. These kinds of tools are useful when you’re feeling experimental or stuck in a creative rut. Loopmix, their most recent product, continues this trend. It’s an audio sequencing environment that’s referred to as a “creative loop remixer” that lets you make sequenced patchworks out of six loops. The sequencer allows users to manipulate each loop step, reversing, chopping, or pitch-shifting each individual clip. The plugin can be used as a live performance tool and is MIDI controllable.

From this point, you can create an endless number of variations using just one audio loop or a mix of all six levels. Each of the six parts has an engine and three similar parameters: random, reset, and enable/disable for the random, along with three engines altogether. The first is the sequencer section, where you can select various audio cuts and order these selections. You can use controls like a speed limiter, left/right shift, or a randomizer. It is possible to create brand-new sounds by simply sequencing different loop segments. Then, under the rearrange area, you have the choice to pick different loop slices and quickly reorder them. Additionally fully modifiable with various parameters here.

A very user-friendly reverser engine makes up the third component. You can reverse the slice by clicking on it. Only three remain. Density is a note repeater that can play your chosen slice up to 8 times after that. There are many randomization functions in this area as well. Additionally, a volume engine is available that enables you to individually adjust the loudness for each slice. Finally, the pitch motor uses a variety of shifter algorithms, including formant shifters, pitch shifters, or a combination of both. A useful scaling function is another option.

Parameters can be artistically randomized to achieve surprising and unforeseen effects, as is the case with several of Audiomodern’s plugins. You can choose from a number of methods and selectively randomize particular loops, stages, or parameters using the extensive controls for fine-tuning the randomization.

Additionally, there are two modes: Infinity Mode, which automatically initiates randomization at the start of a certain number of bars, and Disintegration Mode, which instructs Loopmix to gradually remove steps from the sequencer over the course of a selected number of bars.

Though you can of course add your own loops to the plugin, which is where the real fun begins, Loopmix comes with 180 built-in presets and 1.6GB of standard sounds. It’s entertaining to use stems from previous projects or loops from your sample collection to create something new out of something old. We played around with the plugin briefly this afternoon and very immediately used long-forgotten samples that had been collecting dust on our hard drive to come up with some fresh ideas. For Mac, PC, and iOS, Loopmix is available in VST, VST3, AAX, and AUv3 formats. Audiomodern Loopmix is something you need to try.