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Artefact by Dark Intervals Review

A toolkit based on ambient pads, ambient motions, and numerous sequences and textures is called Artefact – ambient cinematic toolkit. These sounds are less synth-sounding than the prior pad instruments we’ve provided, and they’re meant to serve as the ambient backdrop for many kinds of exotic, meditative, and related aural journeys.

Go no further than Artefact if you’re looking for audio textures and sounds to advance your music creation. This amazing toolkit includes ambient pads, movements, and textures that will give your music a foreign atmosphere. Artefact has you covered whether you’re making ambient music or just want to give your environment a new dimension. You can select the ideal audio texture for your project from the more than 100 presets and sequences available.

Since the sounds you will obtain are airy, atmospheric, and very experimental sounding, artefact is particularly handy for documentary composers and those who create ambient music. Wave manipulation, with a focus on granular alteration, is the process used to create all sounds. There are many different wave sources, including oscillator synthesizers, electric guitars, and combinations of extremely complicated waves made from numerous sound sources.

The instrument’s categories are as follows:

Ambient motion
Textures and pads
Ethereal experiments
Guitar wonderland