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Are Wood Guitar Picks Any Good?

Are Wooden Guitar Picks Any Good?

You can play faster and louder by using a pick of any kind. But altering the pick’s composition also affects how the guitar sounds. Plastic guitar picks lack the brightness and richness that wooden picks do. Both acoustic and electric guitars allow for the use of wooden picks by guitarists. Different kinds of wood will make a variety of sounds. The final sound will also be influenced by the wooden pick’s thickness and shape.

When to Use a Wooden Guitar Pick?

Compared to plastic picks, hardwood guitar picks are far less flexible, and this flexibility decreases with increasing pick thickness. Many people concur that wooden guitar picks are not recommended for beginners due to their lack of flexibility. You need a pick that moves with you while you’re initially learning to play the guitar—not against you.

Guitarists with more skill can use hardwood picks, but novices should start with plastic ones. Nevertheless, the pick’s rigidity enables more accurate picking movements. These contours improve the musician’s grip on the pick but also place restrictions on how they can hold it. When a guitar pick has a thumb contour, it is harder to use the rounded edges. Use a wooden pick that is not curved or stick with a plastic pick if the song you are playing requires you to adjust the pick position.