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Are Metal Guitar Picks Good?

Picks are an essential component of playing the guitar and, for many musicians, their sole method of string-plucking. Most of us have developed specific tastes over the years and have a preferred brand or category of choice. Metal picks are on an extremely polarizing end of the spectrum and may really divide an audience. It’s highly unusual that you have no opinion about them. Either you adore them or you despise them.

Do metal picks work well?

Metal guitar picks are a highly specialized alternative since, because of their hardness, they produce an aggressive tone and an unpleasant feeling when plucking the strings. Additionally, they are more likely to harm the strings, particularly if you play forcefully. The fact that they will last for years is a plus.

Metal Picks Benefits

A smooth, melodic sound is produced when a guitar is finger-picked or strummed. But occasionally, you need to switch things up. Using a guitar pick is the simplest way to accomplish this. Not just any plastic guitar pick, either. You’ll need a metal guitar pick to produce genuinely amazing tones.

You’re not sure how a metal pick works on a guitar, are you? Consider the fact that several well-known guitarists have produced metal coins to use as guitar picks. Want an illustration? The most well-known illustration is Brian May of Queen. Instead of using a metal coin, you might use a metal guitar pick to get the desired distinctive sound.

Compared to a plastic guitar pick, metal guitar picks produce tones that are far crisper and sharper. While some people can hear clearly with this, others cannot.

When to Use a Metal Guitar Pick

Electric guitars work best with metal guitar picks. They can also be used in conjunction with an acoustic guitar, though. Watch the video below to hear what an acoustic guitar sounds like when a metal pick is used. Beginners shouldn’t use metal guitar picks since they are less flexible than plastic ones. A plastic pick is excellent for beginners since it glides across the strings.

Metal picks, on the other hand, may snag on the string. Metal guitar picks are better suitable for more experienced players who can change their strumming technique. Metal guitar picks tend to be heavier and more rigid than plastic guitar picks. It is simpler to hold onto than the plastic ones because of the added weight. Metal picks can be as thin or as thick as plastic guitar picks, despite the fact that they are heavier.