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Best Apple CarPlay Head Units 2024

If you’re one of the millions of iPhone users who enjoy using features like voice to text, wireless phone calls, navigation, and streaming audio while driving, an Apple CarPlay-compatible car stereo is a must-have. CarPlay will bring the same look and feel that you see on your phone to a touchscreen in your dashboard. It’ll bring your head unit up to date with the latest technology by adding a variety of new features over ordinary Bluetooth. If you’re not sure if you need Apple CarPlay, read our article on why you need it to learn more about what it is and what it can accomplish.

Apple CarPlay connectivity is now built-in from the factory in most automobiles, with a USB chord used to activate the feature on the screen. Manufacturers have only lately abandoned the chord in favor of wireless CarPlay. Apple CarPlay isn’t even available in older automobiles, let alone wireless Apple CarPlay. However, you can have connectivity without purchasing a new car. Aftermarket manufacturers have joined the automobile manufacturers in offering it. If you’re looking for a car audio with Apple CarPlay compatibility, you’d be behind the curve if it wasn’t wireless at this point.

Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX

PIONEER CAR DMHW4660NEX Multimedia Digital Media...
  • Smartphone Integration - Supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, enabling...
  • Entertainment on the Road – Stay connected on the go with the built-in...
  • Amazon Alexa - Use voice commands to access and control functions in your...

You can take your music and smartphone integration to the next level with Pioneer’s DMH-W4660NEX digital multimedia receiver. This stylish receiver features a 6.8-inch capacitive touchscreen display as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless connectivity.

The innovative features of this receiver will provide you with crystal-clear sound quality and reliable functionality while driving. The Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX is an excellent alternative for drivers wishing to improve the sound system in their vehicle. This head unit features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to make phone calls without taking your hands off the wheel.

This sophisticated device has a 13-band graphic equalizer as well as other sound capabilities for complete control over your audio signal. You can feed an ultra-clean signal to additional amps for greater power with three sets of preamp outputs. Switch to 3-way mode to let your music’s highs, mids, and lows shine.

You’ll never be bored again thanks to built-in access to Pandora and Spotify through Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Alexa. Furthermore, the HD Radio tuner assures that when listening to your favorite AM/FM stations, you will always enjoy crystal-clear sound quality. Add a SiriusXM tuner for even more variety and access to hundreds of commercial-free stations. It also works with the iDatalink Maestro module, allowing you to preserve your vehicle’s factory features.

With the Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX, you can elevate your parking experience to new heights. Backing up in a busy lot has never been easier thanks to a rear-view camera and the flexibility to easily modify parking lines. Furthermore, if you want to add a front-view camera, Pioneer makes it simple to convert utilizing a video input. This is the Best Apple CarPlay Head Unit in 2023.

ALPINE iLX-W650 7″ Digital Media Bluetooth Carplay Receiver+KTA-450 Power Pack

ALPINE iLX-W650 7" Digital Media Bluetooth Carplay...
  • digital media receiver with AM/FM tuner (does not play CDs)
  • shallow-mount chassis design (2-7/16" deep)
  • touchscreen swipe controls

Alpine’s iLX-W650, which is a big upgrade on the Alpine iLX heritage, is the next best apple carplay stereo. The ILX-207, like prior versions, focuses on giving a native and intuitively built interactive experience that Apple users are accustomed to.

Alpine’s adaptability has been hampered by their specialization, as they do not support any other operating system save Apple Carplay. However, their singular focus on this system has earned them substantial acclaim for stereo unit wireless connectivity. This is a really useful feature because it eliminates the need for a USB cable to connect to your phone.

Apart from its obvious selling point of smooth wireless connectivity, the interface is very simple to use. The responsive capacitive volume buttons on the bezel of the 7-inch screen stereo unit function for both calls and music level management.

The screen, oddly enough, could be a little finicky, but this drawback is offset by the other capabilities it offers, such as HD Radio, satellite radio, color choices, and the ability to pair with up to five phones via Bluetooth. Even with this discount, it’s still a bit costly. If your primary requirement is a flawless wireless connection to your phone with all of its functions, the Alpine iLX-W650 is the device to choose. This is the Best Apple CarPlay Head Units in 2023.

Sony XAV-AX5500

Sony XAVAX5500 6.95"7” Apple Car Play, Android...
  • Bezel-less capacitive touchscreen
  • Compact rear chassis for easy installation
  • Built in Rear Camera Input; Camera sold separately

The Sony XAV-AX5500 vehicle audio is ideal for individuals who seek the most up-to-date features without losing space. This unit features everything you need to be engaged on the road, including a 6.95′′ capacitive touchscreen, handy buttons for rapid control, and a compact chassis that makes installation a breeze.

This slim receiver lacks a disc player, but that’s also an advantage: its small size allows it to fit into places where other receivers can’t. The XAV-AX5500 is ideal for anyone who wants all of their music at their fingertips, thanks to its huge 4′′ screen. The controls on the stereo are identical to those on your phone, so there is no learning curve. Plus, it comes with everything you’ll need – all you need is an Android or iPhone to use it! You’ll have access to not only on-demand navigation, but also to calls and messages via the music player app, making this automobile even smarter than most cars today!

This Sony head unit has a 10-band graphic equalizer and a Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO) that allows you to build virtual speakers on your dashboard for a better soundstage. This incredible device has two USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone and access your data while on the go. It also plays FLAC audio files and a variety of video formats, making it ideal for media enthusiasts.

The 5-volt front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs of the XAV-AX5000 make it simple to add amplifiers to your system. The Sony XAV-AX5500 is also guaranteed to wow with its crisp and realistic sound.

Kenwood DMX4707S 6.8″ Digital Media Touchscreen Receiver w/ Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Kenwood DMX4707S 6.8" Digital Media Touchscreen...
  • 6.8" WVGA Monitor with Capacitive Touch Panel
  • USB Mirroring for Android
  • 13 Band EQ with Digital Time Alignment

The Kenwood DMX4707S is an excellent receiver for individuals who want to use Apple CarPlay. You’ll enjoy a high contrast ratio, crystal clear display, and bright text with its fixed 6.8′′ widescreen capacitive touchscreen LCD. Furthermore, the capacitive touchscreen LCD offers a very responsive touchscreen for easy control of music, phone calls, and other functions.

This multimedia receiver features a voice-activated interface, a huge touchscreen panel, and excellent sound quality. You may also mirror content from your Android smartphone onto the touchscreen display with the Mirroring OA for Kenwood app. You’ll be able to travel to your destination with ease using Google Maps or Waze. You can adjust the sound quality using a 13-band graphic EQ and time alignment to your liking. You can enjoy a terrific driving experience while keeping yourself and your passengers safe with this stereo.

True Mirroring through USB allows you to see and control your phone immediately on the head unit’s screen. It also includes SiriusXM Radio, so you can listen to more music, sports, and entertainment while on the go. And, as if that weren’t enough, the DMX4707S also plays FLAC files and Full HD video from USB devices! So, whether you want to keep yourself engaged on long car rides or simply want better access to your music and films, this is the device for you.

Boss BE950WCPA

BOSS Audio Systems Elite Series BE950WCPA Wireless...
  • Apple CarPlay - Access icons on your iPhone by activating Siri voice...
  • Messages - With Siri on your side, you can ask her to read you your...
  • Maps - Need gas? Hungry? Search along your route by asking Siri, and...

Let’s shift gears for a moment. So far, we’ve covered some of the best wireless Apple CarPlay head sets available. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If we’re being honest, the most notable flaw is the price. This is why this unit is also on the list. Boss is a low-cost brand that introduces products to the market at a reasonable price. Their BE950WCPA is an excellent example. If you want Apple CarPlay but don’t need the most advanced settings, the largest screen, or the best-in-class user experience, this is a great alternative to explore.

Everything you need is included in the BE950WCPA. It’s a double DIN unit with a 6.75-inch capacitive touchscreen and a resolution of 800 x 480. Perfect for Apple CarPlay and maybe a video or two through USB (you’ll need to transfer videos to a USB drive to play them on this unit). It also has two camera inputs, allowing you to connect several cameras to your vehicle. This is a terrific entry-level product that checks all the boxes for a low-cost wireless CarPlay device. It’s also an excellent solution for individuals who don’t want to add an external amplifier to their system because of its 20W internal amplifier output. This solution is on our list because it is straightforward, to-the-point, and cost-effective.

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Double DIN

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Double DIN Wireless Mirroring...
  • Did/CD receiver with Internal amp (14 watts RMS cea-2006/50 peak x 4...
  • Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming; supports two...
  • Siri eyes free with compatible devices

It’s fantastic to use Apple’s Siri in the car, but it’s not so great to plug and unplug your phone while running errands. The Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX is our favorite overall Apple CarPlay vehicle stereo head unit because it includes a wired or wireless Apple CarPlay connection, HDMI input, and Bluetooth phone and audio streaming. Regardless of digital format, this CarPlay stereo’s CD/DVD drive, HD Radio, FLAC support, and satellite radio have you covered. Most interesting of all? The 6.9-inch touchscreen on this Pioneer head unit may display engine performance information with an attachment (sold separately).

The Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX is one of the few vehicle stereos that allows you to connect your phone to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto wirelessly or through USB cable, giving you a lot more options. Furthermore, its display is more appealing and customisable than the displays of the other models we evaluated. It comes with straightforward physical controls and a slew of extras like multiple input/output ports and a CD/DVD drive. It also comes at a fair cost.

ATOTO S8 Standard 7 inch Double-DIN Car Stereo

ATOTO S8 7-Inch Android Car Stereo with Wireless...
  • S8 Gen2 is the second generation of ATOTO S8 Android car stereo, and its...
  • Speed Compensated Volume Control (SCVC)- Automatically adjusts S8's system...
  • Dual Bluetooth allow S8 to have multi-connections with phone and BT devices...

The ATOTO S8 GEN 2 is a 7-inch Double-DIN Head Unit with Touch Panel that can be readily installed in the majority of vehicles. It runs on Android 6.0 and higher, and it boasts a fast CPU that can handle high-definition movie playback and 3D gaming. Because to the 12 nm manufacturing method, this product has improved low power consumption and heat dissipation performance.

The capacitive touch screen ensures fast control, and the intuitive Full HD display makes it easy to navigate even while driving. The S8 GEN 2 features built-in phone mirroring and integrated connection capabilities, allowing you to make calls, listen to music, and handle other smartphone operations without ever taking your eyes off the road.

The ATOTO S8 GEN 2 GPS/Navigation device is ideal for all of your needs. You’ll never get lost again with its built-in GPS receiver and external antenna. Furthermore, with Google Maps set as the default map program, getting about is a breeze. No problem if you prefer another navigation app! There are many amazing apps to pick from on the Google Play Store.