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Best Acoustic Guitars for Blues 2024

Early 19th-century slaves in Southern America adopted blues music as a means of expressing their sufferings, annoyance, and bad luck. Because they were mostly sung by slaves who worked in cotton fields at the time, African-American singers now dominate this musical genre. The earliest known advocates of acoustic guitar blues include Charley Patton, Son House, Willie Brown, and Robert Johnson.

Only the best acoustic guitar for blues is able to communicate the raw and rugged vibe of this genre, which is what blues music is designed to evoke deep within the soul. The difficulty in defining the best guitar for blues is that there are so many different Blues sub-genres, including jump blues, cool blues, Memphis blues, and so on.

Martin 000-15M StreetMaster Acoustic Guitar

Martin Guitar 000-15M StreetMaster with Gig Bag,...
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND & APPEARANCE: Martin's 000-15M StreetMaster acoustic...
  • GEARED FOR GIGS: This Martin Acoustic Guitar is made for working musicians....
  • PREMIUM HANDMADE GUITARS: Handmade from the highest-quality mahogany,...

The Martin StreetMaster 000-15M guitar is the best blues acoustic guitar. Simple mahogany with a classic satin finish; no flashy inlays or elaborate bindings. This wood produces an abundance of rich, full, and reverberant sounds in addition to being durable and stable. Although the neck is exceptionally strong, it is still quite playable and gentle on the hands. A katalox piece serves as the fingerboard, which has 20 frets and a set of white dot markings.

This acoustic guitar has six steel strings, which produce a bluesier sound that is louder and brighter. In reality, this instrument can convey a variety of musical moods, including warm basses, punchy punches, and crisp clean clears, making the mahogany guitar appropriate for a number of styles and genres. The Streetmaster weighs only 11.8 lbs, which is extremely light, and its size is ideal for lounging around when seated on a stool. The scale length is 25.4 inches, which is regarded as being long for an acoustic guitar and as the preferred scale for contemporary flatpickers, blues musicians and fingerstyle performers. This particular scale length provides more tonal headroom, but the issue is that as the scale lengthens, the string tension behaves similarly. Because of this, longer-scale guitars are a little more challenging to play than their shorter counterparts. This is the Best Acoustic Guitar for Blues in 2023.

Cordoba C9 Crossover Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

Cordoba C9 Crossover Classical Acoustic Nylon...
  • Offers a new spin on a Cordoba classic, the original C9
  • Crafted with solid Canadian cedar top and solid mahogany back and sides
  • Hand inlaid Mother-of-Pearl "Esteso" Rosette

The Cordoba C9 Crossover is one of the best classic guitars made by the renowned Spanish company, who also produces some of the best modern classic guitars. As one of Cordoba’s first Luthier series models, the C9 is of the highest caliber. The top of this guitar is composed of either Canadian cedar or European spruce, and the sides and back are made entirely of genuine African mahogany. Naturally, everything has a high gloss finish.

Its hand-carved mahogany neck has a very narrow profile, a 48mm nut width, a rosewood fingerboard, and is made of mahogany. Additionally, a 2-way truss rod is integrated into the neck for simple neck adjustment as required. Its fan bracing arrangement, which gives the center of the soundboard enough of room to vibrate and properly respond to string tensioning, is another crucial aspect. This guarantees that the guitar delivers a superb tone that is even louder than a soundboard that is inactive.

This type also gains from what Cordoba refers to as Spanish heel structure. The top and neck are first attached, then the sides are added, and finally the back is put on to complete the guitar. The entire guitar can vibrate while using this method. You will enjoy the vintage mother-of-pearl weave rosette, Savarez Cristal Corum strings, and rosewood bridge, among other aesthetic features. Additionally included with the C9 is a lovely polyfoam case for storage and transportation. The quality of this product is summed up by its three-year warranty.

Overall, the C9 can sing well, whether it’s blues, jazz, or classical music. For the pricing point, the cedar and mahogany combination produces a warm, smooth sound that is difficult to fault. This is a fantastic option for guitarists who adore the appearance and sound of a classic acoustic guitar. This is the Best Acoustic Guitars for Blues in 2023.

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Mahogany

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar ,...
  • "Body Body type: Taylor Grand Symphony Mini Cutaway: No Top wood: Solid...
  • "There's something undeniably inviting about the Taylor GS Mini's...
  • That mix of portability and musicality has proven to be a winning...

The Taylor GS Mini is simply that—a small, extremely portable instrument that can be played almost anywhere. Smaller guitars are typically thought to have a quieter sound, but the Taylor GS Mini defies this expectation because of the materials employed in its construction. Only high-end models include solid Sitka Spruce for the guitar’s top; Sapele is used for the instrument’s back and sides. The bridge and fretboard are made of ebony wood, and the finish is further enhanced by matte, another attribute frequently found in high-end guitars. All of them contribute to a guitar that, in terms of sound quality, outperforms the majority of full-sized beginner alternatives. The tone will be warm and bright, and the bass, treble, and mid-range will be faultless.

Both adults and children who want to learn how to play this instrument will find the GS Mini comfortable because its body is thinner than that of full-sized guitars. Additionally, Taylor uses their unique NT neck joint to improve playability; but, if you want to play more aggressively, you’ll need to elevate the guitar’s action. The tuning devices are also extremely precise.

The GS Mini is one of the best blues guitars that are categorized as beginner models due to its pricing (it is, in fact, one of the best acoustic guitars under $500) and low-profile design. When strumming, fingerpicking, or even flatpicking, it creates a pleasant full tone sound with a dynamic range. Therefore, this little guy fits the bill whether you’re seeking for the best acoustic guitar for blues fingerpicking or perhaps something to bring with you on the road.

Ibanez AW54OPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez AW54OPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar...
  • Dreadnought body
  • Solid mahogany top
  • Mahogany back & sides

For those seeking for a first dreadnought acoustic guitar that won’t break the budget, the Ibanez AW54OPN is ideal. This guitar, which is entirely made of solid mahogany, will provide the depth and articulation you’d expect from a dreadnought, in addition to firm fundamentals and luscious overtones. You will value this instrument’s quick reaction whether you prefer fingerpicking or strumming.

The fingerboard and bridge are composed of classic rosewood, while the neck and top are solid. On this guitar, Ibanez used an X bracing to enhance the warm, natural tone of mahogany and provide a broad tone that doesn’t blur with continued playing. There is enough of sonic projection provided by the dreadnought body design alone. Due to the mahogany, expect deep, rich, and warm tones. If you’re looking for the best acoustic guitar for delta blues, it’s also easy to generate a boomy bass with powerful notes anywhere in the mid to higher regions. When compared to the sounds of other guitars in its price range, this instrument is truly a game changer.

Ibanez introduced contemporary accents despite the guitar’s classic design, as evidenced by the chrome die-cast tuners, D’Addario EXP strings, Ivorex II nut and saddle, Open pore natural finish, and Advantage bridge pins. Particularly the Advantage bridge pins have a big impact on tuning and string tension.

Overall, this acoustic guitar is appropriate for any Blues guitarist, whether they are a novice or an expert. A longer learning period will be encouraged by the thin neck and high-quality construction, which beginners will appreciate. Advanced players will enjoy showcasing every detail of this guitar.

Yamaha FS850 Small Body Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FS850 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar,...
  • Solid Mahogany Top
  • Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

Another excellent item in the lower price range is the Yamaha FS850. It is a full-size concert acoustic guitar with a natural finish and a solid mahogany top, back, and sides. Scalloped bracing on the top board enhances the guitar’s natural sound while assisting in maintaining durability. Rosewood is used to build the fingerboard and bridge, whereas urea is used to create the saddle and nut.

This guitar has a cutaway and a tiny body, which gives it a fantastic feel for Blues acoustic lead. Since it has a low profile and a solid wood top, the sound is slightly narrower, with virtually compressed highs and less bass oomph. Additionally, the compact FS850 body provides improved comfort without sacrificing capacity.

The neck can be stabilized with an adjustable truss rod, and ABS bridge pins hold the strings in place. A tortoise-patterned pickguard, die-cast tuners, mahogany and cream body binding, abalone with black and white soundhole inlay, and die-cast tuners are further highlights.

The FS850 is available for purchase as “guitar only” or as a “bundle pack,” making it perfect for solo artists or band members. The package includes a Yamaha hardshell guitar bag that essentially fits any standard-sized concert guitar along with an accessory kit that includes a stand, picks, a strap, and cleaning cloth. You can select from a wide range of tonewoods and colors as well. Given that everything is reasonably priced, choosing the bundle pack seems like a good bargain. a good option for small-scale performance, recording, and practice.