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Best Ableton Controllers 2024

The most widely used DAW among hip-hop and electronic music producers is Ableton Live. Why is clear to see. Live’s unique Session View transformed the way musicians compose music. However, Ableton was fundamentally designed to be performed live. The best approach to use Live, even in the studio, is to treat it like an instrument using hardware controllers.

An Ableton Live controller is the practical answer to your concerns if you utilise Ableton Live yet desire a more stimulating, tactile music-making experience. Faders, knobs, and other essential elements of the DAW will be personified by a controller that works with Ableton Live, giving you more control over your project, plug-ins, and parameters. Take a break from the trackpad, rest your tired index finger muscles, and grab an Ableton Live-optimized controller to take control of your project.

Ableton Push 2

Ableton Push 2 Controller Instrument
  • Hardware instrument for hands-on playability with Ableton live 10
  • New sampling workflows: slice, play and manipulate samples from push
  • Play or step sequence beats, notes, chords and automation

Ableton Push 2 makes music production with Ableton Live more powerful and intuitive than ever before, and you’ll be generating music in no time with our Push 2 Live 11 Intro bundle. The Ableton Push 2 controller features a matrix of 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, as well as other control capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly shift from setting up your session, laying down individual grooves, and bringing it all together into a final mix. A highly detailed display allows you to explore easily and keep on top of parameters, beat slicing, and more, so you never have to look at your computer, and composing music has never been so much fun owing to Ableton Live 11 Intro’s improved capabilities.

The Ableton controller that is the most expensive on our list is created by the Ableton corporation. As a result, you can anticipate this product to work in tandem with Ableton’s software. It also includes a copy of the software, which is the Live 10 edition. This device is as simple as it gets for the money in terms of design without sacrificing any vital functionality. The upper shell is composed of anodized aluminum, which should be durable enough to sustain a small amount of impact without being damaged.

Ableton Live has always been a musical playground that allows musicians like you to create fully developed music from the ground up, and Live 11 adds even more instruments and production choices. Ableton Push 2 puts all of that power in your hands, allowing you to access the tools you need while staying in the flow of your creative process. You can go from searching devices and plug-ins to slicing up beats, modifying virtual instrument parameters, and more with ease thanks to a high-resolution color display surrounded by touch-sensitive encoders. When you’re composing and performing using Ableton Push 2, there’s no need to glance at your computer monitor.

This 64-pad matrix outperforms most keyboards when it comes to musical expression. Pressure may be used to generate swells between individual notes, and the touch strip can be used to bend notes. If you’re used to a traditional keyboard, the multicolor lighting even helps you keep track of key intervals and scales. This same matrix makes triggering loops for spontaneous arrangements a breeze, and these pads are unbeatable for putting down drum rhythms. The best part is that you can switch between performing, creating new beats, and launching loops so quickly that you won’t lose your flow.

This tool is intended for experts who have used a controller before and are familiar with it. The buttons are also quite sensitive and soft to press. The buttons even have similar color displays to those found on other controllers. In addition to the foregoing, you will receive an RGB display that will allow you to assess information about current tracks and determine what needs to be changed.

A 17cm touch-strip for pitch scrolling is located on one end of the tool. When you combine this with the 31 LEDs in this component, you’ll find that navigating the strip is a breeze. This tool will allow you to improvise and play with your sounds and music to the fullest extent imaginable. Whether or not this is a good investment relies entirely on your financial constraints. This is the Best Ableton Controller in 2023.

AKAI Professional FORCE

AKAI Professional FORCE – Standalone Music...
  • Play, Perform, Produce - Standalone music production / DJ performance...
  • The Ins and Outs - Record audio with (2) XLR / ¼-inch combo inputs with...
  • Hook up all your Studio Equipment - 4 configurable CV/Gate outputs and MIDI...

The Akai Force is a standalone sampling/synthesis/sequencer that also functions as a Push-style Live controller, with pads, knobs, and a touchscreen; it can export Live-compatible files. Ableton Link support is possible thanks to the built-in wifi and other files. It can be utilized in independent mode, integrated with Live when necessary, and also serves as an audio interface. This is the option for anyone who has ever desired for Live functionality without the need for a laptop.

AKAI Professional APC40MKII

AKAI Professional APC40MKII - USB MIDI Controller...
  • Complete Command Of Ableton Live - Seamlessly Integrates With Ableton Live...
  • Create, Jam, Produce - Trigger Clips, Loops And Samples Using A 5X8...
  • Essential Control - Take Command Of Daw Parameters, Virtual Instruments And...

With an Akai Professional APC40 MKII controller, you can get critical hands-on control over Ableton Live. This Ableton Live controller with USB power features 40 clip-launch controls grouped in a 5 x 8 grid that’s ideal for live performance or remixing. A set of nine low-profile sliders is also included, allowing you to manage volume, pan, and other main features. The Akai Professional APC40 MKII controller is smart enough for studio and stage, thanks to an useful collection of soft buttons that provide quick access to controls you use frequently.

The keyboard controller comes with Ableton light, which is software that you install on your computer to improve your device’s performance. This isn’t to mean that every time you touch a button, you have to look at your computer screen. You’d be remiss if you didn’t notice the grid indicated in the features list. It’s a 588 launch matrix, which means the layout comprises around forty distinct buttons. Even in terms of brightness, these buttons are incredibly responsive. A performer can go through the majority of his act without checking his computer screen because of the RGB color coding of each.

The APC40 MKII is the all-in-one solution for an ultra-portable Ableton Live controller for performers and producers of all genres. You’ll love the plug-and-play configuration for creativity, recording, and shows because it’s designed particularly for Ableton Live. Simply connect it to your computer and start Ableton – whether you’re a seasoned electronic musician or new to the notion, the APC40 MKII controller’s compact form, easy workflow, and flawless 1-to-1 integration will have you playing music in no time.

Because Akai Professional targeted the APC 40 MKII design to pick up where the original left off, it’s a simple choice for your next Ableton Live controller. With dedicated track arm and time division buttons for each track, as well as a metronome and a crossfader, you get more control in a reduced profile format with additional features like separate track arm and time division buttons for each track.

Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 Grid Controller

Novation Launchpad Pro MK3, MIDI 64-Grid...
  • Our Deepest Ableton Live Integration – Quickly launch clips and scenes,...
  • Dynamic and Expressive Playing – Large RGB velocity- and...
  • Powerful Four-track, 32-step Sequencer – Create tracks with Launchpad...

The Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 grid controller becomes your centerpiece for music composition when paired with Ableton Live DAW software. You can launch films and scenarios, play melodies and chords, change mixer settings, and more with a set of 64 pressure-sensitive RGB pads. Create whole songs with the four-track, 32-step sequencer on the Launchpad Pro MK3, which includes probability and mutation settings for ever-evolving creativity. You also have fast access to Ableton Live’s Capture MIDI feature with pad controllers, ensuring that you never miss a creative moment. The Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 comes with a copy of Ableton Live Lite and an Easy Start Tool to help you get started producing music quickly, even if this is your first introduction to Ableton Live and the Launchpad series.

The original Launchpad gave you an instrument-like experience by allowing you to play notes and trigger drums, but the Launchpad Pro MK3 ups the ante significantly. Because Novation included specific Chord and Scale Modes on the Launchpad Pro, this is the case. Chord Mode allows you to experiment with different chord voicings and harmonies right from the grid. Scale Modes assign the pads to certain notes automatically, preventing you from playing out of key. Overall, Chord and Scale Modes can spark your creativity while allowing you to play your Launchpad Pro MK3 like an instrument.

The Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 controller not only has incredible playability, but it also offers you instant access to all of your mixer controls. This allows you to modify parameters during a performance without interrupting the flow. There’s no separate mixing mode to stifle your creativity; simply press and hold a button, make a change, then release the button to return to your performance. It’s truly that simple to adjust channel levels and panning, as well as aux send levels and other settings.

Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3

Novation Launchkey Mini [MK3] — Portable 25-Key,...
  • Get hands on with Ableton Live - Have a seamless music making experience...
  • Get creative easily with arpeggiator - Easy to use but deeply controllable,...
  • Play chords with one finger - Lay down chords for your track quick with...

The Novation Launchkey Mini is your passport to Ableton Live on-the-go. This tiny controller is quite functional, has a lot of helpful features, and fits neatly into your backpack. You may play your way with 25 synth-action tiny keys and 16 velocity-sensitive RBG pads. The illuminated pads can be used to play samples, start loops, or control drums. Ableton Live and the Launchkey Mini MK3 USB Midi Controller are designed to operate together effortlessly. Your new Launchkey will work with any DAW, regardless of which one you use. Whatever you’re working on, the Launchkey will take care of your sessions like a champ.

The Launchkey Mini MK3’s eight onboard Scale Modes are perhaps the most interesting new feature. Whether we recognize it or not, we all employ modes on the midi keyboard controller. You can now lay down a smokin’ Mixolydian bass line or blast out a great solo in Dorian mode without getting bogged down in music theory with the third-gen Launchkey. (Of course, every artist may benefit from a little theory!) Scale Modes convert the drum pads you’re playing into notes in the scale you’ve selected. Simply choose your root note and the scale you want to use, and then start playing. Launchkey will streamline your creative process and improve your musical vocabulary, regardless of how accomplished a keyboardist you are.

Launchkey Mini is the keyboard controller that takes you deeper on your musical adventure, whether you’re just starting out or entrenched in the groove. Launchkey Mini comes with a powerful software bundle that includes Ableton Live 10 Lite, Spitfire Audio LABS Expressive Strings, XLN Audio Addictive Keys, Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette, AAS Session Bundle, a two-month Splice Sounds membership, and the Novation Sound Collective. With Novation’s Launchkey Mini, you can start composing music right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these Ableton controllers provide any software in the package?

The majority of manufacturers include software with each purchase. For instance, the Akai Professional APC Mini, which costs less than $100, comes with Ableton Live Light, allowing you to connect the device to your PC for the greatest results.

Is Ableton controller with click-pad grid better for composing than a MIDI keyboard?

It’s entirely up to you, as well as your skill level with either device. If a MIDI keyboard is more comfortable for you, stick with it, but if an Ableton controller works better for you, there are no prohibitions against purchasing one. Nonetheless, no one is prohibiting you from experimenting with the two of them and discovering your specialty.